I don't know if this is something that will have me put on pedestal, or burned at the stake, but I needed to get this off my chest. The Freethought blog, run by PZ Myers, has become the most irking part of the atheist community to me. I think it's become a corrupt bubble of out of control slander and division in the community.

I'm not saying that everybody on it is bad, in fact, I'm not even saying PZ Meyers is bad. But I will say he has created, and currently enables, a monster. Every-time I see atheists fighting with other atheists, it always seems that the Freethought blog in involved. Every-time I hear of atheists leaving their wonderfully rational roots, or subjugating a discussion with dishonest cherry picked comments and ideas, the path always seems to end at that blog. Every-time I see an atheist drowning in their own self centered need to high jack the community for their own personal agenda, it always seem to find its way back to the Freethought blog. Am I the only one that sees this? I'm not saying their always wrong, but when almost 90% of the feuding always seem to involve somebody that writes for that blog, I can't help but feel it has become a problem. Their are an awful lot of harsh demands and manipulative control tactics coming out of it, and it has the stench of dogma.

I'm not somebody that blogs in the atheist community, but I've become disgusted with this source, mostly because it seems that everywhere I turn, they seem to pissing on everyone. Any thoughts?

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There's lots of the above elsewhere in the atheist and skeptic blogs. 

I haven't read the Freethought blog, but I don't read PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog because of the nastiness of the comment section.  Some other atheist/skeptic blogs similarly. 

I keep on coming back to A/N because people here are relatively decent, friendly and reasonable.

I kind of feel that the nastiness in their comment section is byproduct of their own behavior. Their own lack of civility has opened the gates. What makes it worse is that not only do they never take responsibility for this, but they cherry pick the worst of the comments to justify their own abhorrent behavior, editing out civil the criticisms

And that drives away people who want to discuss things in a friendly and reasonable way.

I wrote a blog post on the dysfunctional relationship between skeptics and true believers, along the same lines.

I know nothing of this whatsoever. I'm not sure I've even been on their blogsite. Repost this on their site and see what you get. I'm also curious as to why you even care if you are not someone who blogs in the atheist community?

Apparently, that's the problem, you can't discuss this stuff with them.





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