The Global Apollo Program seeks to put revenue into every field of scientific research in order to make renewable, clean energy cheaper than hydrocarbon-based energy. If they can pull it off, this is exactly what we need. It's the only way to combat oil moguls and climate change deniers. Hell, the deniers can go on denying if needed changes become painless and create jobs.

I don't have all the facts yet. I'm still reading. What do you think of this idea? Is it a pipe dream or could it become a reality?

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Since Pope Frank is on the bandwagon, the Catholic church should pay for such research.  That would save the taxpayers from having to care.

Lotsa Luck, Dawg.

I wanted the Vatican to pay for for raising the kids they demanded that I have.

Despite their public support for abstinence, they wanted:

1, Me too busy (providing for kids) to ask by what right do they make me a slave, and

2. More sheep.

Well Tom,

Threaten to ban exorcisms from all Catholic dominated countries and Franky will get the Vatican to cough up the loot.

He's such a dickhead, that he believes strongly in exorcism.

Have that banned and he will lose what he thinks is his only weapon against his imaginary foe.


Looking this over, their goals seem good enough but I wouldn't think anything would come out of it until fossil fuels are completely gone and used up. Why? It's because all the money is tied up in that right now and they won't budge until they can no longer squeeze a dime out of it.


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