The Good News Club: R. Elisabeth Cornwell interviews Katherine Stewart

"The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children. The Good News Club turned up at her children's elementary school in Santa Barbara California. This takes a closer look at the legal issues that have allowed religion to creep back into our public schools."

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I received something from the American Families Association about some sort of "blocking" of this "club." Complete insanity, and I don't even know what this "club" is exactly. Sounds sneaky though.

I watched your entire video on this "Good News" club and found it shocking. Theists just do not get it that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. They do anything they can to get religion in the public school system again and this is wrong. Why do the courts not see what is going on here? Why do they allow it? Of course, this is a thing done by right wing christian factions only. Nobody else is allowed and they find the loopholes.

I see only one way out of this. You have to educate the courts system. Go into this wanting Muslims and all other groups allowed in the same manner. Every possible religion should be represented in the same way that "Good News" groups are. Everyone should be represented. The courts will knock it down and get this nonsense out of our school systems pretty quickly. Make a big fight about this and the result will send them all packing.

What they are doing here is no different than Germany and the Hitler youth. I find it strange that our public figures in education do not see this.

One way we atheists might be able to fight the Good News Club as well as the National Christian Fellowship that funds it is by sending a warning to all local pediatricians and child psychologists in our own locales that they can pass on to their patients about the abusiveness of this evangelical invasion to our young children who do not yet possess the cognitive or intellectual skills to defend against it.

So what I'm proposing is that we all contact our local or national atheist organizations and ask all members to contact as many pediatricians and child psychologist that they can in their areas to warn their patients of the danger. 

Why don't we just change the name to the Good News evangelical Club whenever we refer to it to let parents know what they're getting in to?




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