A quick walk through arguably the most absurd theistic ideas ever asserted, courtesy of Christianity.

My favorite parts are the Tina Strobos mention and the death metal closing to the song.

Curious to get the group's thoughts on it.

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This is the problem with literalism.  Sometimes you want to just shake them and say " Its an allegory people, allegory.  Look it up. "

Agreed annet, though I also think that if you think it all the way through, looking any aspect of the Christian doctrine as allegorical, metaphorical, etc. opens the door to invalidating all aspects of the doctrine.

E.g. if heaven and hell ain't real, who's to say that Jesus Christ is real, or Adam and Eve, or even Yahweh.

That's no good when you're trying to portray the doctrine as the inspired, literal word of god (e.g. objective truth).

I'm okay with the whole thing being invalidated.  lol.  But of course, it's the slippery slope that many of us have slid down.  

Hell is so 1990s.

That's one of my favorite parts of that documentary!




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