let's face it, the highly religious, the ones we here have the biggest problem with, is the base of the Republican Party.  given this, news of its imminent demise should thrill most Atheists.  and make no mistake, barring a gargantuan shift in policies and rhetoric, they are absolutely on the path towards extinction.  

it's common knowledge that the GOP is an old, white party.  while not an absolute, that is an accurate enough description of the Republican Party today.  two trends to keep in mind here.  one, old people tend to die at a faster rate than young people.  two, white people are shrinking as a percentage of the electorate.  they are running out of supporters, and it's happening quicker than many thought.  

take yesterday's election.  President Obama won over 90% of the black vote and 70% of the latino and asian vote.  Romney did well with seniors and whites overall.  meanwhile, the country is getting browner.  the GOP may end up becoming a whites only club, a nativist and pale collection of isolationists who choose to ignore the changing demographics of the country.  worse, they may choose to keep it this way.  if they choose this path, their extinction is all but guaranteed.  their option would be to abandon their social issues, immigration policies, and economic austery programs and to open up their tent through real policy change.  

anyone wanna bet which way they go?

for Atheists, either way is a win.  if the GOP becomes irrelevant then the power of the religious right goes with it.  if they truly make changes to make more people inclusive and begin to part with their religious base Atheists will celebrate.  yesterday's election is better for Atheists than most people would think.  

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Loren, are you old enough to remember, from the late 1950s, the Repub far right (the Birchers) calling Pres. Eisenhower a "conscious agent of the Communist Party"?

If you are, you might be able to answer a question I've had for decades: What did the Repubs of that time hope to achieve by throwing their moderates out?

To replace their moderates, they recruited the racist Southern Dems and later the authoritarian religious right.

They committed a very slow-acting form of suicide.




Now they know how I felt when GWBush won and won again.  And will feel when the next one does.  For the moment, it's fun.  I feel like a little devil saying that.

These are people who cannot or will not deal with change, who expect the world not only to be a certain way but to STAY THAT WAY.  When they pinned their hopes on Romney and Romney LOST, they're undone, and I suspect if you asked at least some of them, they'd tell you that The End Is Near.

I wasn't wild for the idea of a Romney presidency, but I think I could have managed through it.  I will admit to being glad that I don't have to face it.  As for other changes, such as gay marriage approved in at least two states, a Lesbian Senator and legalized marijuana in Colorado, I like the first two, will keep my on the third, and keep on keepin' on.

Life is change, people.  Get over it.

"These are people who cannot or will not deal with change, who expect the world not only to be a certain way but to STAY THAT WAY."


hence conservatism.  yet progressive ideals almost always win out in the end.  


Talk about so much spin that some of those talking points might reach escape velocity! (As if that's anything new for the Religious Right....)

... the outcomes in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, and Maine, where natural marriage lost for the first time in America by popular vote.

That's right, "the union of a man and a woman" has lost its "protection" and will be unrecognized in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. Not.

From Tony Auth:

Chris Christie looks like he's on a diet.  good for him.  



  • Women
  • LGBT Community
  • Latinos

What remains?

  • Old, scared white men

And that's tragic.

We need outreach and sympathy for that demographic, which is left behind.  They feel lonely.  Rejected.  Left out.  They don't get it.  We need classes, Orientation to America 101.  Sort of like language classes for new immigrants.  Also hugs.  And cookies.

A nice idea, but if they're married to their anachronisms and afraid of change, we'll find that we've wasted our time.

If they can indicate that they're willing to change, that's one thing.  To date, I have seen no such indication.





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