let's face it, the highly religious, the ones we here have the biggest problem with, is the base of the Republican Party.  given this, news of its imminent demise should thrill most Atheists.  and make no mistake, barring a gargantuan shift in policies and rhetoric, they are absolutely on the path towards extinction.  

it's common knowledge that the GOP is an old, white party.  while not an absolute, that is an accurate enough description of the Republican Party today.  two trends to keep in mind here.  one, old people tend to die at a faster rate than young people.  two, white people are shrinking as a percentage of the electorate.  they are running out of supporters, and it's happening quicker than many thought.  

take yesterday's election.  President Obama won over 90% of the black vote and 70% of the latino and asian vote.  Romney did well with seniors and whites overall.  meanwhile, the country is getting browner.  the GOP may end up becoming a whites only club, a nativist and pale collection of isolationists who choose to ignore the changing demographics of the country.  worse, they may choose to keep it this way.  if they choose this path, their extinction is all but guaranteed.  their option would be to abandon their social issues, immigration policies, and economic austery programs and to open up their tent through real policy change.  

anyone wanna bet which way they go?

for Atheists, either way is a win.  if the GOP becomes irrelevant then the power of the religious right goes with it.  if they truly make changes to make more people inclusive and begin to part with their religious base Atheists will celebrate.  yesterday's election is better for Atheists than most people would think.  

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Loren, having grown up in a fundie environment, I cast a vote for fear motivating religious folk.

Does anyone not know fear as they grow up?

Religious leaders, instead of helping followers cope with their fears, use fear to manipulate them.

While they fear, when things fail, they can blame their leaders.

To lose fear, they have to stop blaming others and adapt to the world.

My evidence? The above is a short autobiography.

... that they swallowed because of the fear of death, of hell, of the disapproval of their fellows.


These are people who have an exceptionally difficult time dealing with OTHERS, someone not like them, different background, culture, religion, at least in part because there were never any OTHERS around them growing up, and they lived in a culture which said that their culture was IT, that it was the best...

Two good points. And both things are motivated by fear. Fear of hell, fear of others, fear of those other heathens and savages somehow causing them to go to hell...

So what evidence do you have of this?

Why do so many on here assume Obama is an atheist?

my guess - his mom was an atheist (i think), and he didn't adopt a religion until he decided to run for office. plus he's really smart, and he mentioned non-believers in his inauguration speech.  also maybe some wishful thinking.  

What atheist could possibly stomach Jeremiah Wright?

Good point. He did say he never heard the Wright comments that got so much attention four years ago. Maybe he just sat there and tuned him out ?

lol.  well played.  

My guess, if he is a closet nonbeliever, he's an agnostic.  By the way matthew, you misspelled "extinct" in the title.

holy shit!  how did i (and everyone else who has commented) miss that.  should i fix it or leave it be?  i'd hate for your comment to become irrelevant.  

Matthew, I'd leave it be.  I think that changing the title can affect the followup.  Not sure.  I saw it too, but not wanting to be a spelling nazi, some times just good to let it be.

Susan, fault Jeremiah Wright for being a minister (a con man) if you like.

When he said "Goddamn America" he was expressing an emotion felt by many of America's minorities.




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