(hat tip to commenters from the last Cosmos thread suggesting this)

two great articles to read about the freakout taking place over Cosmos.  

this really is a scary thing for the science denying crowd.  i see more and more Obama hating conservatives sticking up for science on conservative blogs.  it's a strange phenomenon for me, as i often had to go it largely alone.  now, i have allies whose ideology is 180 degrees from mine, but we agree to hate 'teh stupid'.  science can do more than just enlighten us and move us forward technologically, it can bring us together in ways that religion can only separate.  we may not believe the same things, but we can agree what is complete and total bullshit.  

ps - i have a friend who is a recent convert.  he's loving his (closeted) atheism.  he's a very conservative, liberatarian millionaire.  i'm his only outlet to discuss atheism, which is telling.  

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I love the headline on that article:

Creationists Complain Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'Cosmos' Isn't Giving Them Airtime

How about this: when they actually have something ... like some hard evidence or a peer-reviewed paper or other suchlike data which actually supports the creationist point of view, then sure, we'll give them airtime.

Verb sap.: I wouldn't hold my breath!

and just what would they contribute to the conversation?  um, the eye is too complicated for it to have evolved, yup yup.  well, moron, how many bald eagles do you see wearing glasses, fucktard.

one of the weirdest articles you'll ever read.  not sure i have the skills to properly dissect this...i don't know what you'd call this.  an example:

Now for the one huge and irrefutable scientific fact that just “won’t fit in” to Tyson’s concocted storyline: Information always has an intelligent source. This is not up for debate. It is a scientific fact. There is no intelligent source in Tyson’s atheistic a priori “science,” and yet every living cell bears evidence of that manifest intelligence. Atheists cannot recognize this truth without abandoning their atheism, and becoming, at the very least, agnostic.

well yes, intelligence, in that we know it exist is a scientific fact, but so the fuck what?  all animals have some sort of intelligence - what does that prove?  and what about intelligence doesn't fit into Tyson's storyline?  i'm fairly certain that the fact that we're watching the program on a HD tv cedes the point.

I have heard this man's drivel from so many sources and so many different time, that it is as though they all read from the same book.  Oh! they Do!

That book they hold in such high regard supports slavery in both old and new testaments.

They put women into second place positions.

They view children as commodities to be slaughters right along with the rest of the tribes who get in their way.

They expect the penis of the male child to be mutilated to serve as an identification of belonging to the "right" tribe.

Some even advocate the mutilation of female babies to keep their sexual appetites under control.

They describe and therefore advocate bashing babies head against stone walls.

They vindicate hatred of home, family, and children in favor of following a charismatic human.

They make wild declarations that cannot be proven and were not written about until years after the events happened.

Their demands come in several different versions and it is impossible to determine which version is correct.

They instruct to feed the poor but have nothing to say about the institutions that make people poor, homeless, starve, and endure preventable diseases.

Their god fathered a son so that he could be slaughtered as redemption for people who do dreadful things and get redemption if they bow down in supplication in obedience to a delusion. 

They maintain they have power over decisions of a woman's body without consulting her or her medical team.

They lay claim to the right to define a family without regard to whether the family is healthy, mentally and physically. 

They deny same sex marriages and adoption of children stating such a family causes the children harm. 

They expect equal air time to repeat their claims, and begin to sound like a hurdy gurdy pumping out the same things over and over and over again as the monkey passed his hat for coins from the gullible crowd.  

Whine, complain, pity potty, grumble, make laws to fit their religious dogma without concern for people.

Permalink Reply by Joan Denoo yesterday

I have heard this man's drivel from so many sources and so many different time, that it is as though they all read from the same book.  Oh! they Do...

Joan, I love your entire comment here. Very well put, and a perfect description of Bible-based theological clap trap, or bull crap (if you prefer).

Regarding creationists and theists feeling either threatened or slighted by Cosmos, I say we take the attitude of Nancy Pelosi: 


Right on, Nancy!

My advice to the science deniers - quit trying to speak for your god and tell that fucking pussy to come forward and speak for itself. The fact that it won't and never will is what fuels their eternal flame of ignorance.

Future, love your advice to the science deniers.


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