The GuardianUK is my new fav news source! LOL check this comment from URL!

Another bright-eyed sycophant for whoever it is who really pulls the strings. Mitt's the Man if you believe that America needs to spend MORE on defense because, damn it, spending more than the combined defense establishment of the known universe just isn't enough.

As phony and plastic as the Hey To Goober smile he wears in his sleep, he is yet one more entrant in America's long cavalcade of idiots who will say--then unsay--whatever that particular whistle-stop requires to keep the catcalls down to a dull murmur.

MItt's Mormonism is the least of his problems. Most Americans have no idea what Protestants and Catholics believe and why, no need to be troubled by some exotic tribe that just has to be mentioned in the Old Testament if we look hard enough.

And about those Mormon underpants: Mitt has clearly shown that when it comes to screwing someone with glee, well, you can just pull them to one side, do the deed, and never have to feel like you left the flock
sarcasm spasm! yep that's pop'litrix 2012~

and the election is how far away? sheesh.. live folks. live.

meanwhile in Moscow!?

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