about 6 years ago  "CALL TO PRAYER CAME INTO EFFECT OVER LOUD SPEAKERS" they claimed freedom of religion and also about the catholic church bells, they said they where one in the same. well my question is it seem's someone thinks up a crazy idea to stir up pubicity over there "god" is nuts.... what happens if a person claims to be a mormon and walks around with only magic underwear on......i mean im a little mad because it seems the muslims here aint about god but about beating up on white and black kids....and arab kids that are not muslim... whats this country coming to..... i mean i live here so i know

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personally, besides what I think about religion, the alledged freedom of religion in the USA, founded by people who were too crazy even for the 16th century European religious standards (thus had to emigrate to America!) is nuts, allowing any idiot to create a church or temple or whatever, automatically earning the respect of a society (USA) for which if you are an atheist or a non-theist, you are considered a worse person than if you believe that Santa Claus create you from the crap of one of his reindeers...Very sad indeed.




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