You Atheist are lost in the dark, you can not truly be free of your darkness until you have read this wonderful holy book, and it will answer all your questions about the afterlife.

(please watch all of the video before commenting.)

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Huh... Lost in Sin?
Withering in self doubt?
I don't know but I’m sure all I have to do is visit a theist website to come up with ideas.
Thanks! Great job!
Thank you!
Yes that is very ironic isn't it? LOL did you not watch the whole video? "you christians" sounds like it... I am atheist, the video is satire, it has a good twist in the end.
yeah, no prob :)
(please watch all of the video before commenting.)

Funny, we were just discussing you.

I have to ask, do you sell beads at your local community market by any chance ?
Me sell beads? no....




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