Only if you put hot sauce on it.

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Was the burning bush a symbol of the trinity? You mean that both this waffer and that bush contained the father, the son, and the holy goat? I'm really impressed now. If that wine is the blood of Jesus gimme a whole bottle. It's time for a transfusion. Make it 2 bottles.

Was the burning bush a symbol of the trinity?

The Holy Trinity, the central teaching of Catholicism, is a concept foreign to the Old Testament and not even well developed in the New. It took centuries and considerable debate for the final concept of the Trinity to take hold in Christian theology. St. Augustine is credited with the last word in the western church in his De Trinitate.

Locating the Trinity in the Old Testament is more an act of faith than of scholarship. It developed out of the needs of early Christology to make Christ divine and in fact, equal to God, the father. Some try to discover the Trinity within the Sh'ma Yisrael because it is cited by Christ in the New Testament as one of the two great commandments.

The incident of the burning bush is considered crucial to Christian theology because it signals the beginning of God's active intervention in human history, which eventually led  to the incarnation. The Holy Father may be devising new theology here—packaging a new wafer so to speak—  and since he is infallible, must be taken quite seriously.

Very good, Dr. Clark.

More batshit lunacy, but I like your hot sauce funny.

Feh.  I'll stick with Tabasco, myself.

Maybe now you understand why the voice from the burning bush sounded so trippy and all.  I mean, "I am that I am?!?"  You got to be zoned off yer ass to lay out something like that!

More bullshit from the holy bullshitter.



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