The Horrors of a Catholic School Education (and its Occasional Wonders If You Insist)

(This discussion is for survivors of RC schools. If you survived horrors in public schools, start or add to another discussion.)

I was about 50 and doing some volunteer work when I saw a young woman volunteer whose t-shirt said "I Survived Catholic Schools". (Yeah, you always-horny guys, I liked what was in the t-shirt too; if you need to prove your masculinity, start or add to another discussion.)

Of the one-time RC school horrors. I remember best a fifth grade nun's description of an effect of Hell's fire: with one arm dangling at her side she motions with her other hand as she tells how my burned flesh will fall off my arm.

I remember second best a seventh grade nun's false, in-the-classroom scolding for throwing my books down the stairs. I liked reading too much to treat books that way but she refused to let me reply.

A one-time wonder I remember is a third grade nun's making clear how power-to-do differs from permission-to-do: "You can but you may not."

Of the repeated horrors I remember best being told that doubting (and thinking for myself) is the sin of pride.

A long-delayed insight came after I'd graduated college with a mathematics major. Years of being told to obey without question had damaged my mind in ways I didn't know. Mathematics requires proofs, and proving my conclusions had repaired the damage.

Enough for now. What say other survivors of RC schools?

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