A few months back, my girlfriend and I were running her daughter to a friend's house where she and her friends were gathering before attending their homecoming dance.  We had never been there, so the trip there was new to us.  The gps eventually guided us to a dirt road, which we followed into what looked like undeveloped land.  After a couple minutes of negotiating this private road through the country, we ended up in a private development with three or four very nice properties in it, and one enormous and ornate building that looked like a fancy hotel in the middle of nowhere.  We went to one of the nice homes where the drop-off was coordinated, and stayed for a few minutes to take pictures of the kids and socialize with the parents - very nice people incidentally.  I inquired about that enormous facility up the road, and was told a husband and wife evangelical televangelists from Africa lived there.  They said that they were very friendly, but they honestly didn't know much more about them than that ... and sounded like they really didn't want to know much more about them.

I took the picture through the car window on the way out, and it really doesn't do the place justice at all.  I would estimate that it is about 12,000 sf, and those coverings on the roof gleamed like new copper in the sun.  I'm told it has a very large swimming pool indoors.

How sad and pathetic that humans allow themselves to be taken by such con artists, and further that we allow these con artists to exist without taxing their ill-gotten wealth.  This area has many wealthy developments with fine, expensive homes that these people could have opted to live in.  I thnk it says a lot that they chose to hide where their wealth cannot be seen from the main roads.  I find it sickening.

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I'm wondering if you know the address so I can check it out on google. The architecture and colors stand out from the scenery.

I would also like to see their programs on YouTube.



I was able to find the road name in the history of the gps.  The house was still under construction in the google pic, but the roof stands out like in the picture above.  I don't know anything more about the ministry, other than it has something to do with Africa.  Wasn't able to find anything related on google.

Oh, come now.  They aren't trying to hide their wealth where it can't be seen.  They just don't want to have to look at the plebs who would be passing by if they actually lived anywhere near civilization, urban sprawl be damned.

You're probably right.  Additionally, I suspect this house only represents a drop in the bucket of their wealth.


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