You've probably heard of the atheist bus campaign. By now, banners proclaiming things like "There's probably no God - So stop worrying and enjoy your life" have appeared on buses in cities all over the world.


Sometimes though, atheists and humanists have had trouble getting their campaigns started. Bus companies are often afraid of controversy or just don't like the message. The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara seems to be having this kind of trouble with their local Metropolitan Transit District.


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I hate how they always view atheism as controversial. In Colorado they recently had a campaign that had some billboards that proclaimed, 'atheist, your not alone,' with the name of a website below. Unsurprisingly some 'oh so tolerant Xristians,' had a conniption fit and they were taken down. Makes me want to toss paint filled eggs at the Focus on the Family billboards shoved down everyones throat in Colo Springs, and elsewhere. The hypocrisy is astounding!
Someone I don't know personally wisely reminded us that racism and slavery were once the norm. Now, interracial marriages are increasingly common and racism, while still violently alive in some places, is on its way out. It just takes time.

The same thing applies here, albeit over a much longer time scale, being much more embedded into human society than racism. Religion is a soothing balm for the nightmare of the unknown and it will take time for humanity to get over it.

I have never seen either a billboard or a bus ad for atheism, but I sure would like to! I love the ad about being good for goodness' sake. I wish more people were. Religion is usually detrimental to being good, anyway.




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