Has anyone heard of this? It's one of those Young Earth things that seems to have been around for a while (at least 10 years) but I had not heard of it until recently. Anyway, the theory seems to involve water (supposedly about half the oceans) trapped 10 miles below the original supercontinent (pangea, but not) which then escapes and causes the rains and floods for Noah, as well as splitting the continents. Kinda bizzare!

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Reminds me of Hohlweltlehre. (Oh no! Godwin strikes again!)

This might be interesting.
I watched a few other videos of his (because I had nothing better to do). He seems like a nice guy. A nice, dumb guy.
He fills it with gasoline and not water because water is stable and can't be ripped apart for energy like gas can. His metaphor-based point is irrelevant because of his bad metaphor.
won't change to world today
yet supposedly in 1000 years if the soot and exhaust of corporate waste machines continue...
bugh bye eastern antartica

did you catch the pollution in general? check the cancer rates around coal plants/run-off
oil, won't even bother; flammable water in your tap
So, this guy is an Auto-Mechanic AND a Chemist... interesting.

Has absolutely nothing to do with Geology, or geological history...
He even had trouble PRONOUNCING the word "Geological".
... and even a mechanic, let alone a chemist, should know never to start with a conclusion.

I'm only an electro-mechanical (robotics) engineer... and even I know NEVER to start on a conclusion!!!!
I would likely wind up resigning out of sheer disgust in myself if I did.

Hey, here's food for thought Mr. I can't decide what my credentials are, find me that massive deposit of water... if you can find it, then you can begin drawing hypothesis from it.

Yet another blow-hard bible thumper, throwing around random irrelevant credentials, telling you he didn't have to connect the dots, he made his own!

Just flatten the earth, you'll get a flood he says... lol... just... lol.
OMG his reading comprehension is atrocious!!!

Well, he did this to himself, let the rounds of mocking begin!

I'm guessing janitor... he looks like a janitor.

He also seems to think a wooden ship won't decompose over a period of 2000 years... he claims to be a chemist?
Quick question for Hydroplaters, where did all that water go after the planet drowned for 40 days.
It'll take me a week to rake the bullshit out of my house after listening to this vid.
I'm in. Should be fun to watch.




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