Religion, in and of itself, is the true Hypocrisy in the world.

Have you ever noticed that the Creationalists' spout out that 'Science cannot be trusted', and they point out all the inconsistency's with science, but they must use science to achieve their goal.

They spread out their fictitious method, that 'God' created everything, and all things--including the banana (pun intended)--are created by a all powerful super daddy.  But in order to spread that message they must use science, like: Books, Movies, Laptops, Computers, Electricity and a host of other things that science created.

The Creationalists' shun science, but in order to shun science they must use science.

Thus is the Hypocrisy of Religion.

Viva Atheism!

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"Religion, in and of itself, is the true Hypocrisy in the world. "

Is the true hypocrisy anything like the true Scotsman I've heard about?

Another view is that hypocrisy is part of the human condition.To try to limit it to religion is naive at best ,disingenuous at worst.

Society would to function if everyone told the truth the truth. Everyone lies,,on average once every few minutes.It's matter of degree.
Yeah, I see this too.

But in order for the religious to come to terms with the hypocrisy they portray against the scientific process, they would also have to come to terms with the fallibility of their own beliefs.

... you try telling someone who believes whole heartedly that they're going to live forever that they're going to die.
They will do and think anything in order to denounce you. Especially if that means lying to themselves.
This is the reason I gave up debating with religious people a long time ago.

How can they be expected to argue the truth when they lie to themselves without question?




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