I heard a member of Congress say that soon after I started paying attention to politics and it angered me. I was naive (innocent) then.

I spent four years in hardball politics where I heard "To silence a man take his bread. If that fails take his blood." (Think Martin Luther King, Jr. and others.)

That wisdom made Donald Trump the Republican candididate and Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. What did that say about those two parties?

That wisdom results in Americans' silence about the Electoral College. What does that say about Americans?

I learned that if I don't educate voters I don't have what democracy requires.

BTW, America has from its start been and still is a plutocratic oligarchy.

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True about the US being a plutocratic oligarchy disguised as democracy. <sigh> But the power of oligarchs vs. citizens has varied across time. It's at a tipping point now. This crisis might end up destroying the country (and the world too) or we'll resist and get rid of the Electoral College and gerrymandering.

Well said Ruth, I fully agree.

Yep, I agree with Ruth too.




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