i know it's been often discussed, but this article is worth the read.  Atheists lose their faith in a variety of ways.  20+ years ago the path to enlightenment was, well, darker.  thoughtful and nimble minds were only able to swallow religious mantra for so long before vomiting it back up.  but much of that ability depended on just how religious your parents were.  should you have found yourself in a fundy household, it's likely that the pressure and indoctrination you experienced were just too much to break away from.  resources were limited.  like-minded people were too scarce.  information was too elusive. 

no longer.  the internet has aided and abetted countless freethinkers to break free.  and it's only going to get better.  i'm so very pleased that many more people are able to leave their dusty old religions behind.  thank you, internet. 

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I understand. Black civil rights issues and GLBT issues are not mine personally, but the underlying principle is mine. In fact, I learned a lot in the 1960s during the civil rights struggle to use with feminist issues. One important thing I learned then was to have a tough skin ... I was called everything you can imagine when teaching black kids and it has been no better with women's issues. 

I am too old now to do any of the interesting and exciting things, however, this is a great time of life to read up on historical roots of prejudice and recognize the role religion plays in dehumanizing their members ... not blacks and women, but their own members brainwashed with delusions and denials.  

Alan Perlman, thanks for the great resource! I think there is one here that will hold my interest and imagination.

You're welcome.  Being in a restaurant with a group of two dozen heretics, plus dinner and beer and lots of making fun of religion -- like a rejuvenating breath of oxygen!  I went to that group (Vernon Hills IL) for 2-3 years.  Very sharp, fun people.  Good luck.

I wish I could have been at a neighboring table and laughed with you. 

J'aime l'Internet parce que je peux mettre la merde sur la religion.

I agree that the Internet is having an impact on free thinking not only in the area of religion but also in the area of oppressive governments.  No wonder so many of these governments try to ban social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Apparently, these networks were a line of communication during last year's Arab Spring.

Lilly, I agree that the internet opens up lines of communication. Freedom and justice presents a lonely voice when each one of us talks to ourselves about problems needing solutions. By joining with others, we can coalesce and have more power.

Napoleon Translate "j'aime l'internet parce que je peux mettre la merde sur la religion" from French.
English: I love the internet because I can put shit on religion.
Is this what you said? Sorry, I am learning from you, but am horridly slow.

Sounds like you have some issues with religion as well.
Have you found ways to rejoice in being atheist? Things like no dogma, or traditions, different values, finding wisdom and strength from an open mind, etc.




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