Off-topic here a little bit, except for the fact that many religious people believe homosexuality to be wrong...  My daughter got to see Dan Savage ,who started the "It Gets Better" project for LGBT kids, at her University!  She said he was an Awesome speaker and it was one of the best lectures she's ever heard.  Then she bought his book and got his signature.  She is VERY left-wing, liberal, etc. just like her dear old mom ;).  He was really bashing a lot of right-wingers who have expressed anti-gay sentiments.  I was just happy that my daughter was so happy to have gotten to hear him because she really wanted to.

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I just can't wait for all the old bigots to die off.
Yep, of course there is. That's why fundies run their "conditioning" and "brainwashing" religious schools and summer camps. Like the smoking industry, they gotta replace their victims.



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