the kirk and the scottish clearances versus no irish clearances

If anyone up on history please tell me more on this.
I was reading accounts of the clearances at beginning of 19th century. Money hungry scottish landowners agrreed to sell their land to the english for rearing sheep. It meant turning whole communities off the land, who had nowhere to go except on land without means of subsistance. It was a huge problem and led to alot of emmigration. Bailiffs came to beat and break bones of women, children and the aged or set fire to homes with people in them. The church or kirk was in league with the land-owners and authoritys behind it. They would preach that the clearances was God's will and they had to atone for the sins that brought this suffering. There was an incident where the bailiffs shot a small girl point-blank with a shotgun and it caused such retaliation, some bailiffs did not make it out of the glen alive. However, deliberately burning a house down with a bunch of children in it did not summon the same retaliation.
Who said the scottish were a feisty lot. ?he same could easily have happened in Ireland but it was noted that rebellion and revenge would have not made it feasible. The scots stood by the church whilst terrible outrages of inhumanity were committed. The irish were just as religious.
I think the irish are more cunning and playful when it comes to the human condition not to be duped when the church laid down the law. While the scots, who were more dour and self-disciplined took stoicism to extremes when the kirk gave them a way to do it. The price of inhumanity was to loose their land whilst the irish would have killed every sheep in sight in the night.
I am not sure have the whole picture but it is what i gleaned or read between the lines from accounts of the clearances.

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oh I'll be fwding this to ireland through fbook u betcha!

They dont call us the fighting Irish for nothing...




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