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I dislike such gross depictions. However, I overcame my repulsion as I see how quickly our culture represses. So, dear James, bring it on!

Sometimes vulgarity just makes the point too well to be dismissed.

I know. I have a hard time getting away from my Victorian upbringing. 

Smiley face grayhound for you, Michael, and in your honor, Loren. 

I can the woman out of the Victorian, but have trouble getting the Victorian out of the woman. 

That should have been: I can take the woman out the Victorian, but have trouble getting the Victorian out of the woman 

I have exactly ZERO PROBLEM with that one.

Hey, I like the humor but it's sexist!

A penis has three functions.

A clitoris has one.

OK, you got me.  I get two of the three functions, peeing and porking.  What is the other one?  Forgive my ignorance.  Is it sexism because the clitoris doesn't pee?  To be accurate, at one point in fetal development, the organ is not distinguished as male or female.  The cloitoris is a cognate to the glans.  They are pretty much the same organ.  The clitoris might be viewed as a miniature penis.  But males ordinarily do not have labia, &c.  Can you clarify?

James, this is a wonderful opportunity for alliteration. Who wants to do it?

1. Urinating,

2. Putting sperm where they do what they do, and

3. Just plain fun.

Yeah, intimidation could be a 4th.

4. Weapons of war, i.e. Sexual violence as a weapon of war

Militia single out girls and women for rape, imprisonment, torture and execution because  military circles support the notion of all persons, including unarmed women and children, represent the enemy. Belligerents claim conquering rights over their enemy. Psychologists identify rape as the most intrusive of traumatic events. 

Documented militia-rapes in armed conflicts include, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Burundi, Cambodia, Croatia, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Haiti, Herzegovina,  Iraq, Liberia, Lybia, Peru, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Uganda,  

Systematic rape, 'ethnic cleansing', exists as a weapon of war .

More than 20,000 Muslim girls and women were raped in Bosnia since fighting began in April 1992, according to a European Community fact-finding team. Teenage girls have been a particular target in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, according to The State of the World's Children 1996 report. The report also says that impregnated girls have been forced to bear 'the enemy's' child.

5. (STDs), including HIV/AIDS, accompanies all sexual violence against women and girls.

What role did religion play in these assaults?

SerbCroat and Bosniak ethnic factions  clashed in the Bosnian War

Serbs, mostly  adherents of the Orthodox Christian churches.

Croats, most identify as Roman Catholic, though there is a small minority of atheist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Large numbers of Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and Bosnian Croats were forced to flee their homes and were expelled by Bosnian Serbs;[1] 

Some Bosnian Croats also carried out similar campaign against Bosniaks and Serbs.

Bosnian Muslims conducted similar acts against Croats, especially in Central Bosnia.[2]

the Serbian Orthodox (Catholic) Crusade Against Islam

Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Roman Catholic)

Conflicting Truths: The Bosnian War

After reading these articles, so long after the events, it is clear these ethnic cleansing battles were Christian vs. Muslim. "For good people to do evil, that takes religion."

1. Peeing

2. Putting 

3. Playing 

Well done, Joan.




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