The loving sky daddy who looks out for his children strikes again.

The body of Taliyah Marsman found, Calgary Police say murder ...
4 days ago - Calgary police issued an Amber Alert for a five-year-old girl early Tuesday after she was believed to have been abducted from the city's northwest, where her ... Update: The Amber Alert for Taliyah Leigh Marsman has been ...

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Now we find in this case that the killer knew both victims and also knows the father of the little girl. The killer, Edward Downey, is offering limited co-operation. Something is wrong in Halifax and both Downey and Marsden, father of the slain girl, have gang ties and knew each other. What a coincidence. I'll bet they were in the same gang. It just comes into my mind that with mother and daughter dead there will be no maintenance or child support. Were payments being made already? Was the slain mother threatening to sue, or had she recently sued for payments? These are questions that will have a lot to do with what happened here and also what happens next. Sometimes it doesn't take a rocket scientist.

The loving sky daddy wasn't watching little Taliyah or her mother very well, but maybe that is because to intervene would mess with somebodies free will. Remember, you have the "free will" to murder. You also have the "free will" to be murdered. So much for god and free will.

Keep following this case, Qiana. Most likely you will see it go down the way I've hinted at above. Killers always think they are so smart. January 10th my grandson was murdered. The killer claimed self defense and is walking free without ever going to trial. The evidence tells a different story. The killer and his 2 friends stick together now and are acting scared. They should be. Justice is coming but it's just slow to get here. The ones protecting him will not be in office next year, and the civil trial comes first.

Loving my ass. If there is a sky daddy he's one twisted f..k.




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