I use to be a Mason in King City CA. at Masonic Lodge 302. The one problem for me is my

eyes have been opened as of recent and can't be one anymore. Why?  As a Mason you must have a belief in a higher power.  That vague term means you that you can believe

that anything is a supreme being (god) and your in. I'm better without them anyway

because I have found a fraternity here with all of you.

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Yeah they should make even vaguer like, believe in a lower-case "god" as in a first cause that didn't design or guide the universe and was never really intentionally involved.  Does the rotary club demand belief in a supreme being?
So can you disclose any secrets about them and their rituals and goals? Does reading the wikipedia article about Masons give one a fair understanding of what they are about or is it way off? Just curious to hear from someone who has been inside the lodge.
Yes I can tell you....During the rituals you swore to X that you won't tell anyone but another Master Mason. Well I don't recognize X so~ What would you like to know?
Good for you Robert! You are still a brother with me.
Is it true there are 33 levels in Masonry?

Very true ...I was also in the Scottish Rite belonging to the San Jose Valley Rite.

32nd degree only....33rd is honorary and rarely bestowed to just anyone.

I am curious Robert...did you go beyond the Masons? (Scottish Rite, Knights Templar)




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