The Media Have Helped America's Rulers Lie Us Into Wars.

A stopped clock is right twice each day, and Donald sometimes tells the truth.

The documentary "WAR MADE EASY", which I viewed several hours ago, refreshed my aging memory as it told of the media's lying to viewers and firing employees who refused to tell the lies.

I can sometimes feel a little empathy for those who depend on "The People's Opium" to protect them from the reality we know, that sociopaths do rule America.

Donald isn't one hundred percent wrong.

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Courts have held that carriers of information, such as phone or telegraph companies, are not liable for the content they carry.

The senders may be liable but I haven't followed cases that closely. I also don't know if the media's talking heads are personally liable.

Tom and Daniel;

  I agree with your sentiments but aren't the public also responsible for their delusions? I get the feeling the public delude themselves that these reporters don't lie, or that these reporters ave a conscience the follow.

Remember the1976  movie great, "Network"?

We'll tell you anything you want to hear, we lie like hell.

Howard Beale

Thomas, when our delusions are the intended results of the lies children are told in school history courses, justice if not the law requires our responsibility to be lessened.

Except of course that Libertarians are 100% responsible for their delusions.

I remember that movie, but that's not the line I remember. Do you remember that other line?

Justice, if not the law, imposes a fiduciary responsibility on people in certain positions of trust. One instance is that realtors can be held liable even for withholding information.

Is lying, by people in government or in the media, protected by the First Amendment?

The Pentagon Papers case did not decide that question. I have read a lot of First Amendment statutory and case law and haven't seen anything on the subject.

That issue merits some thought.

Soon after the Civil War, laws first protected domestic animals from abuse by pet owners. About a century later, laws first protected human children from abuse by parents.

Laws now protect elders and dependent adults from abuse by care providers. To discourage fraudulent claims, these laws define abuse. someday someone who tweeted a crime will be held in partly responsible of that crime because the tweeter was busy filming the said crime?

Thomas, do you know of anyone who, after reporting a crime, was charged with being partly responsible for it?

If not, have you considered writing crime fiction?

Or better, tell me what in my reply upset or angered you.


I am not at all upset or angry at you and if you inferred that or I implied that I didn't mean to.

It might as well be science fiction if someone is charged with a crime for not stopping a crime. There have been some incidences people who did film a crime but did nothing to stop it in progress. I don't think we are too far off if someday it is a crime to film a crime in progress without stopping it.

Why would you conclude that? Courts outside the Jim Crow South require laws to have rational purposes.

I listen to weekend CSPAN Book TV and a few weeks ago heard a nationally known attorney on a panel say that only people with law officer education and training in the use of deadly force can be required to stop a crime in progress.

Some individuals do intervene, and if they kill an offender they are not charged with a crime.

Back again.....

I just checked and apparently in Ohio, it is a crime to not report a felony:

"2921.22 Failure to report a crime or knowledge of a death or burn injury.

(1) Except as provided in division (A)(2) of this section, no person, knowing that a felony has been or is being committed, shall knowingly fail to report such information to law enforcement authorities."

There is more but takes up too much space.

I don't know how this works and I don't know what a felony is. Seems you are an expert in these matters and have good arguments for pointing things out.  So if I need a lawyer are your services available? :)

Thomas, a felony offense may send an offender to the state prison for years; a misdemeanor offense, to the county jail for days.

I took a business law course in college. I "retired" from computer work at 45 and took a legal assistant course to help me decide on going to an evening law school. I learned how to use a law library, did not go to law school, and used a law library to do research for a book on politics.

Lawyers check court rulings to find a law's usefulness in a particular case.

Don't attract a police officer's or sheriff's professional attention.
Nice diagram and info, Daniel.

Does the Network quotation qualify as great when no news show can satisfy the inevitable contradictory wants?
I live each day knowing the lies that affect Americans the most, about war and peace, are told by people in government, or by people who want to be in government. The media pass those lies along.

My living that way is due to a WH Press Secretary's saying (on TV in the late 1960s when more and more Americans were opposing the war in Viet Nam) the government has a right to lie. I don't recall whether he was Pres. Johnson's or Pres. Nixon's press secretary.

The VN War had ended when I saw in the SF Chronicle's business section that Chevron was negotiating with Red China for drilling rights in the Tonkin Gulf where a manufactured incident had let a Democratic administration start that war. The "falling domino" story had been a lie.

A Republican administration lied America into a war in Iraq.

We the people supply America's war lovers with the people and the money for their wars.

I'm a Korean War combat veteran who came back unhurt.
MSNBC fired Phil Donahue because he was saying negative things about the Iraq war. He was the highest rated program on the whole channel. The media has had the interests of the corporations for quite some time. They downright lie now with no regard now.

I also think it was their fault with this past election. They gave Trump free media while silencing Bernie while at the same time putting all their eggs on Hilary who was unlikable and corrupt.




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