This is not a big deal,just a fun thing.

I'm thinking of it as rather funny, but I am intrigued by what it tells us about Amazon's algorithms. The suggestion of books to buy is supposedly driven almost entirely by data analysis, and Amazon is supposedly one of the most sophisticated in this area. Which makes this all the more interesting...

My wife and I both have Kindle accounts, and we have both purchased atheist books from Amazon. The funny thing is, when we log into the book store, she gets offered a lot of Christian based books about faith, prayer, answering 'atheists' etc. whereas I get offered plenty more atheist books (she does too, but much further down the list).

So what triggers the difference? I doubt it's gender (not ever sure if their system knows our gender and I think  Amazon is more sophisticated than that).

My guess is that is something to do with the other books and publications, but I'm not sure how that correlates.

Wife: Cooking books, specialty food books (bento boxes etc), cats

Self: Tech, political , photography, specialty (Jeep offroading)

None of those other subjects remotely touch on religion or atheism, but seem to paint a different picture to Amazon.

Any thoughts? Your experiences

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