The Flat Earth Society, a group dedicated to the idea that the Earth is flat, was among the first to propose that the Moon landing was a hoax.  Over the years, when polled, a
whopping 6-28% of the people believe in this hoax.  Many, if not all the arguments against the
moon landing have been refuted.

James Longuski, a professor of Aeronautics at Purdue University stated, “the size and complexity of the alleged conspiracy theory scenarios make their veracity an impossibility. More than 400,000 people worked
on the Apollo project for nearly ten years, and a dozen men who walked on the
Moon returned to Earth to recount their experiences. Hundreds of thousands of
people, including astronauts, scientists, engineers, technicians, and skilled
laborers, would have had to keep the secret.  Longuski also contends that it would have been
significantly easier to actually land on the Moon than to generate such a
massive conspiracy to fake such a landing.”

I was curious if currently, any atheists here believe in the hoax?  Or any one that you might know of?  Do they give any new and exciting arguments,
or do they just stick to the ones already proven wrong?  While differences of religious beliefs tend
to get my blood boiling, nothing angers me more than someone who stands behind
the Moon hoax.

One thing I’ve noticed is people who can be definitively proven wrong, will still stick by their claims and suggest the information is wrong or a fallacy.  Even if God is
definitively proven wrong someday, people will still believe.  It’s really a battle that can never be won.

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I enjoy the existence of these phenomena, like the moon landing hoax or the 9/11 conspiracy. They demonstrate several things.

1. People are credulous; not just ancient superstitious people and not just about supernatural beings.

2. People welcome evidence and argument which supports what they already believe and ignore that which disagrees.

3. Fact checking about important subjects is not merely a luxury, most especially if you are promoting the subject to others.
The whole moon landing hoax can be put to bed with the fact that corner reflectors were placed at several of the landing sites as a part of the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment. Intense laser light aimed on a portion of the moon where no reflectors are located returns only background noise. The same light aimed at a site where a reflector is located returns a sufficient portion of the beam to allow for detection.

This myth was BUSTED by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as a part of one of their Mythbusters shows:

Moon landing myth hoax idiot-children: GET A LIFE!
"Further, this myth was BUSTED by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman:"

Now when are they going to get around to busting that pesky old Jesus myth?
When their sponsors have the balls to tackle it ... do NOT hold your breath!
And NOW, apparently Adam Savage HAS held forth on his stand regarding deities and so on ... and the article attached to that post leaves very little doubt as to just where he and Hyneman stand on the issue!

It may not be ON Mythbusters, but it'll do until something better comes along!
LoL ty for bringing this up once i saw this episode i knew the truth about 58 seconds into the video they left reflectors there so scientists on earth COULD gather more data from the moon without having to take the costly trips there so often
Love the Myth Busters! I didn't believe it anyway but I do believe there is a race of aliens living in the center of the Moon.

Better yet, a alien space station orbiting earth!!

What is that?
Its a mineral at about 1000000000 times magnification. Ok, maybe not that much but really magnified. :)
uM being the measurement for micrometers (x e -6)
god could have intelligently-designed and manufactured a retro-reflector and put it in that exact same spot, of course. so this proves nothing.
Oh, so the Apollo 11, 14 and 15 missions just HAPPENED to land at sites where these reflectors already WERE?


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