The Flat Earth Society, a group dedicated to the idea that the Earth is flat, was among the first to propose that the Moon landing was a hoax.  Over the years, when polled, a
whopping 6-28% of the people believe in this hoax.  Many, if not all the arguments against the
moon landing have been refuted.

James Longuski, a professor of Aeronautics at Purdue University stated, “the size and complexity of the alleged conspiracy theory scenarios make their veracity an impossibility. More than 400,000 people worked
on the Apollo project for nearly ten years, and a dozen men who walked on the
Moon returned to Earth to recount their experiences. Hundreds of thousands of
people, including astronauts, scientists, engineers, technicians, and skilled
laborers, would have had to keep the secret.  Longuski also contends that it would have been
significantly easier to actually land on the Moon than to generate such a
massive conspiracy to fake such a landing.”

I was curious if currently, any atheists here believe in the hoax?  Or any one that you might know of?  Do they give any new and exciting arguments,
or do they just stick to the ones already proven wrong?  While differences of religious beliefs tend
to get my blood boiling, nothing angers me more than someone who stands behind
the Moon hoax.

One thing I’ve noticed is people who can be definitively proven wrong, will still stick by their claims and suggest the information is wrong or a fallacy.  Even if God is
definitively proven wrong someday, people will still believe.  It’s really a battle that can never be won.

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you think god didn't intend that to happen too? it's all part of his plan ... to prove his existence via a series of cryptic clues that can only be correctly interpreted by the cognoscenti
Feh ... if there is some form of deity of that nature, my suspicion is that he'd resemble what Heinlein modeled Yahweh as at the end of Job: A Comedy of Justice: a pinch-faced, mean-spirited geezer who was more interested in fulfilling prophesy than he is in the well-being of his supposed creation.

Pardon my french, but fuck him and the horse he came in on.
Moon? There ain't no stink'n moon! That's just a big weather balloon floating up in the sky!
Very cute and light-hearted way for you to help him take another look! Haha, I like that.
As someone who has circumnavigated the earth, going the same direction until I got home, roughly, I don't understand how that is explained by the flat earthers. The only website I could find seemed to be a satire once you got into it. Wikipedia seems to say there was an actual society though, I am baffled.

As for the moon hoax, that's just ridiculous. It's been demonstrated into the ground that it happened, and as for faking it to trounce the USSR, the Russians would have called "foul" immediately. Unless you think this is all one international world order that creates an illusion of nations. If so,... carry on with your bad self, dawg.

On a side note that is spiffy: I got to spend some time at the Singularity University this past summer at NASA Ames, and the original moon landing tapes were stored on base there in an old Mcdonald's building converted to storage. It was awesome to sit around and walk by every day.
If you go east you'll get to England. If you go west you'll find Asia. If you go further east once in Europe you'll find yourself in Asia. Can they debate that?

It sometimes amazes me how unevolved some people really are.



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