Just a quick 10 min video I thought I should share about the moral argument(s) for ‘God’.
I thought Venaloid (and I would suggest his other videos if you never heard/seen them) spelled it out quite nicely.

The Moral Argument for God


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I've heard worse. The speaker is just repeating boiler-plate arguments for God as the source of morality, and conveniently dodging the question of how he knows that his god's morals are the right ones. (That would take an innate moral sense, to be able to determine that an external moral position is in fact moral, which in one fell sentence destroys the argument that morality precedes from God. Any god.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCovYF51qHE (The Thinking Atheist on morality of the Bible)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM5n8jESUEk (His post "The Story of Suzie," on the bankruptcy of Christian morality, animated and funny)

The absolute truth about morality in the Western world: It didn't come from Christianity it is in spite of Christianity.  History shows that Christians for many centuries following the councils of Nicaea (where Catholicism really started) had pillaged, murdered and seduced it's way into being the major religion.

Christianity has massacred millions and was continuing to massacre only a couple of centuries ago, murdering witches, dissenters and blasphemers. 

It was only through political power given to secular-humanists, such as Thomas Jefferson (purportedly a deist) who separated religion (church) from politics (state) which took the power away from the Christians.

This allowed Christians to be judged, instead of being the only judges.  Thus allowing criticism.

It's been this secular-humanist political power that has forced Christianity to tow the line and become humanistic in intent.  If Christianity still held all the political power and power over the courts of law, dissenters and blasphemers would still be receiving death sentences.

Yet, Christians refuse to admit defeat and claim the current humanist culture is the result of Jesus Christ, WRONG, it is the result of secularists gaining more humane concepts and social knowledge from outside of Christianity, such as studies into psychology, sociology and influences from more humanistic religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism.

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