to a TV near you.  I just saw a few commercials showing Mormons are just normal people.  I don't think anyone disputes Mormons are nice and normal people though.  They do have some nutty religious beliefs however and that is the issue.  I wouldn't say their religious beliefs are any nuttier than any other religious beliefs. 

The opposition and hostility Mormons face is basically only from the Christian Evangelicals.  It boils down to competition and jealousy for control of the gullible.  Two religious cults battling one another for power.  The evangelical hatred and fear of Mormonism is starting to bubble up and become public.  I wonder if these Mormon commercials are an effort to win over some evangelicals to vote for Romney.

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I see this every where I go. 

The Protestants and Catholics have it in Ulster.

The Hutu and Tutsi have it in Rwanda.

And even in Atheism we have it. When those agnostics say we can't know for sure that God doesn't exist. :)

Manchester and Leeds United have it.


I think it's just the way we are as humans.


not really; they're huddling in their masses in utah
here's what's up
Kind of funny. One moronic religion VS another
I hear it is to support Romney to counter that Christian pastor who called his religion a cult.
I think visibility and impression of normalcy helps them - same as campaigns for tolerance for other categories of people, like atheist, or gay.  Increasing tolerance for mormonism would benefit Romney.  Maybe not in a big way, but a few votes here and there can make a big difference.  Having a Mormon as president might help with conversions to Mormonism.  Look how having a Black president has resulted in conversions to African Americanism.
I needed that laugh, thanks!
Just remember.  These "normalcy" ads are by the same god-botherers who got Proposition 8 passed in California.
The only thing nice or normal about Mormons is the veneer.



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