The most haunting video I have ever seen about Aleppo in Syria . a 3 Million city that became a ghost town

most haunting video ever about a Aleppo a 2.3 million city that is a now a ghost town

I have been watching it in repeat mode for hours :( 

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Haunting in every way, ICO.
For you who were there it's much more than that, isn't it?
Is the problem economic, appearing religious? Political?

It is religious:

Syrian are divided into two big groups: 

1-Aliwites, Shia, Christians, Atheists, liberals, Druze and moderate Sunni Muslims with the Syrian Army and Kurds are allies with this group or don't fight it

2-radical Sunni Muslims with the opposition (free Syrian Army.ISIS, Al Nusra etc) 

Religious ... [he shakes his head sadly] Never fails, does it?

I lived in Syria during the war, had 9 near death experiences and got out when the sky started to rain missiles 


Not just a ghost town but... I have to wonder what percentage of the buildings there are recoverable and what percent would have to be completely razed and rebuilt.  My impression is that there is no part of Aleppo which hasn't been touched, indeed HAMMERED by that conflict.

I did my share in building Syria infrastructure during the war while the two sides were destroying it. until one day I was walking to work to fix the optic cable to restore the mobile telecommunication when two missiles hit one in front of me by 120 meters and one behind me by 10 metres.

There were lots of smoke, big hole in the ground and bombshells that shattered everything around me butI walked scratch free against all odds.

Imaginary Cat Owner, I think it would be better for your mental well being to stop watching this horrific video.  There is nothing new for you to learn.  It's horrible.

When they say Islam is the religion of peace, it this what they mean?  I would say the same about Christianity, looking at war ravaged Rwanda, Bosnia, post WW2 Berlin, and Vietnam.

You must have PTSD now.  I know I would.  Do you have access to treatment to help with your mental state?  Must be very hard.



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