Those of you who believe in evolution are probably very proud that your ancestors were apes (animals). Some even imitate them. According to written records of most civilizations we did not evolve from animals, but were set apart as creations of the gods for specific reasons. Personally, I believe in Jehovah the creator God of Israel, the only One who gave us a true history of mankind. If you don't be in Him, I remind you of some of the body parts animals can lick and you can't as proof. Ed

I ran across this on MSN in the comments for a story about the possible finding of the oldest "artwork" by mankind (a zigzag pattern etched on a mussel shell by Homo Erectus). The emphasis is mine.

I wanted to laugh, but all I could muster is "WTF". Religion apparently causes extensive brain damage in some. [I think the poster meant to say "If you don't believe in him..."]

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I wonder what that idiot-child has to say about human DNA being only one chromosome off of a chimpanzee's ... though in his case, we'd be insulting the chimp!

Which begs a further question: if humankind is a separate creation, WHY do we have so much in common genetically with the rest of creation?

Wasn't it Mark Twain who said something like the more I know about people, the better I like my dogs?

It was a mussel, and the carving was on the outside of the shell.  Here's a link to the story:

The hypothesis is that the markings may have been made to show ownership. I agree with your "Most civilizations didn't not believe.." comments.

Religious delusion causes brain damage. Now I'm reading your sign by your title, Brian, and I will say it -- religion is stupid.

To whoever wrote the first two paragraphs, I very profoundly disagree. Further, not being able to use licking of some body parts as a test is about as asinine as I have ever heard. What does licking have to do with anything? Some primitive cultures continue to suck the phlegm out of baby's noses and lick their bottoms clean. Does that mean those Homo sapiens are not human? Whether it does or doesn't, what has licking body parts got to do with anything?

Joan, I think that person meant it all as a KMA remark. It was more kissing than licking. He was to "holy" to use the phrase properly.

Your title is right on. I love that he offers this gem of wisdom "as proof." Apparently the godster was far too delicate to enable the exceptionalist species of humans to lick our own private parts. So why doesn't he like it when they lick one anothers' then? 


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