The most rational, logical and non religious places in the world to reside in?

Soon my final year of school will come to an end, and I have decided to migrate to another place in the world. I am, of course, an Anti Theist and I would like to find another place to reside in. Sweden is my birth country and the country I live in. But to be honest, I do not feel that connected with the Swedish culture nor the politics. Even though Sweden is a highly secular place, I still feel the absence of Anti Theism everywhere. I have only met three Anti Theists so far in my life, and the rest that I've met are either Atheist but still calls themselves Christian (because of tradition) or they are Atheist, but still believe that the universe is a spiritual place.


Now, where can I possibly move? Great Britain, the US etc?

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??? Sweden is one of the most secular/nonreligious countries on the planet... but if you really want to move, try Japan.

Good luck moving to Japan. I understand from friends who have tried that it is almost impossible to get permannet residency.


Isnt the whoel Shinto thing still pretty entrenched their too?



It can be difficult to get permanent residency, but you can live here through visas, and it is well worth it, in my opinion. My visa is a teaching one, which lasts 3 years... I need to get it renewed later this year... If you don't mind renewing your visa every few years, then don't count Japan out.


There is a bit of superstition here, but people are generally open-minded to belief and lack thereof, as well. From what I have seen, most people treat religion as an accessory or expression. They also are shocked when they meet Westerners who are anything but christian.

Well, if you are looking to move "up" in the world, you don't want to move to the US... I can't think of much we lead in besides Military Power, and the bull-headed willingness to wave it in everyone's face. Per capita incarceration rate, maybe. We have an overpriced and under-performing health care system, educational systems corrupted by creationists, politics that give group-thinking evangelical christians a dominating say in elections, virtually prohibiting from elected office anyone who fails the supposedly prohibited religious test. And those same voting blocks that prohibit atheists from office are easily manipulated by big money plutocrats to sacrifice everyone's future for the short term gain to the already stupendously wealthy on nothing more than promises of getting the government to crap on their most hated groups (women, gays, mexicans, atheists, etc). I have no idea how bad it is in Sweden, but by just about any statistical measure I've seen, you're better off staying there.


On the other hand, if we can get about 100 million atheist immigrants, maybe we can turn this hell-hole around.....

Three cheers for antitheism. Not sure it should be the sole criterion for where you live though. On the other hand areas which are too religious should be avoided.
Actually on second thought come to BC, Canada :) and join us in the fight against the CONservatives and Corporatism.
I agree, with exception of some of the rural Christian cults, bc is pretty good.

Jimmy, whatever place you may go to, you will find that there will be some other problems you do not like. Atheism is not the only criteria for life. I am an atheist and I am living in India. If I try, I can find an atheist with great difficulty here. I am 72, you are young. Why not try to change at least the people around you and be where you are? If you have the required qualities, it will be much easier to change Sweden than to change India. 

Madhukar Kulkarni. 

Switzerland is quite a good place to be as an atheist. Religion is considered private here, and is almost never a factor in public and private life.


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