It amuses me when I think of the origin of the 3 religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam often refered to as Abrahmic religions. How did the god of israel becomes the accepted god of the universe?. How did the Israelites sold their religion to Europeans and Arabs alike without military conquest? And despite the fact that Jews are despised, their religion or derivatives of it became global without them taking part actively in propagating this religion. What is so special or intrisic in their religion that the western world and middle-east simply swallowed it hook and line, fought to preserve it without realising it? The crusades, the middle-east crisis and its endless wars including American involvement are ripples or fallouts of this mystery. It remains a riddle or puzzle far beyond my comprehension. Can I get some clues, please?.

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I know that Christianity became ingrained in the European world because of the witch hunts and the Inquisition. And you can go endlessly back and forth about how different kingdoms and governments used religion to justify their means, thereby strengthening Christianity. I don't think everyone passively gave up their pagan beliefs for the joy of the new God.
Very impressive and well thought out.
This is about the most comprehensive, beautiful write-up so far. But I still want to know the catch that made Abrahmic religion so attractive and adaptable to the Romans and the rest of the Roman Empire. Why does it seem self propagating that it survived till this day while others fell by the wayside. And despite tremendous scientific developments and manifestations since the age of reason or enlightenment this cruel religion still lingers on.




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