By definition I am a bright. However, I hate the name. Why are Brights not naturalists, which is more descriptive, accurate, and less cocky sounding. Where does the term come from and why do people like it?

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OK, I don't mean any disrespect.

None taken.

And Brights sounds like Mensa, except people proclaim themselves a member.

I probably will never introduce myself as one, but if someone was to ask me if I am a Bright in relation to the context presented here I wouldn't say no I am not, even if they mis-understood it. I would attempt to at the very least present what I felt it was in relation to whatever their misconception of it was.
see "The Pearlist Persuasion"
To me, the word 'bright' smacks of pomposity, pretentiousness, vanity.
I hated it the moment I first heard it.
There are certainly better choices. Don't yet know what.

I would rather we went for 'realist', 'rationalist', or one of a few other nouns I could find if I spent a bit of time with a thesaurus.

"Who are you?", the christian and muslim god-grovellers may ask.

"I am a 'realist' ", say I, "And proud of it . . . and you are religionists... believers in the unreal, the unproven, your heads full of gods and ghosts." Hmmmm.

Realists versus religionists. That's better than being a self-styled, if not boastful ,'bright' when trying to stand up against the church.
Realist is descriptive and leaves little room for misinterpretation. Having said that, the word is often associated with a worldview that's devoid of warmth and feeling.

If those of us that consider ourselves realists, freethinkers, atheists, agnostic atheists, non-theists, anti-theists, naturalistic pantheists, brights, rationalists, etc.- have I missed anyone?- can't agree on appropriate terms and argue about accepted meanings vs. intended meanings, it's unreasonable to think that we could ever come up with an all-encompassing term that would be useful in describing this "movement" to theists, believers, religionists, the faithful, etc. This would require the authority of a central organization reigning over the lot of us. To accept the legitimacy of such an authority runs counter to freethought. So the labels will persist and increase and the disputes over their meanings will be with us till we die. And I wouldn't want it any other way.
Yeah, there probably won't ever be a complete blanket term. Some of my friends call me a "rationalist," realist works well too.
I agree with the post. Bright maybe isn't the right word.
If they were illuminati, then "brillianti" might be in order instead of "brights".

Nonetheless, whether illuminati, brillianti or brights, they all speak of or imply a puffed-up pomposity which I would not want.
Further to this issue, I see that illuminati had and has some additional attraction by not being an English word.

Maybe something formed from Latin or Italian might be an improvement on 'bright' which many consider unsatisfactory

--something that translates or 'emerges' from the English realist, realism, realistic, rationalist etc. as with realistico or realista, with their plurals realistici or realisti.

I'd much rather be a realistico than a bright.
I'd much rather be a realistico than a bright.

Probably not a good idea if you live in Europe. People here will assume you're a Real Madrid supporter.
I disliked the name too, until I noticed something very curious about it

b right
be right

... coincidence? I think not. I'll presume "Right" refers to doing the right thing instead of conservative politics.
That's new to me. It's a neat observation, but I'd still rather call myself a realist, or something similar, when discussing with a theist aspects of the enormous fraud that constitutes religion and the non-existence of gods except in fiction. Terry.
I'm an atheist... I'm a bright... I'm a realist... I'm a rationalist... I'm a humanist... I'm an evolutionist... I'm an environmentalist... I'm a naturalist... I'm a scientist... I'm all of these things.




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