Yeah there's no real introduction forum so I thought I'd say hi here and fill people in on my story while i was at it.

So I was raised Catholic and went to church every Sunday ever since I could remember. And even though my entire family seemed to be extremely religious and pushed it on me, I never believed a word of it. I always felt weird when my grandma would say "Jesus watch over you" before bed, or saying grace before dinner, or when my mom would say praying made you feel better. To me everything that was said in church seemed like a fairy tale with a moral behind it, kinda like disney movies. So growing up it was hard to view any of my family with any sort of intellectual authority over me, even at a very young age. I officially decided I didn't believe in god around the age of seven. And felt pretty much alone till only very recently.

During a car ride home one night a few months ago with my dad, he told me that my mother had been realizing my atheistness. So I had to come out to my dad right then and there. I learned that night he was atheist too (he, however didn't fully come out till right after I was born. I think that's where I got my non-beliefs). So now me and my dad finally have some common grounds. I also learned that my aunt and uncle are atheist that night. And then, to my surprise, a few weeks later I learned that my cousin (and best friend) was atheist and started an atheist group at his school. Suddenly I felt a little better about my views I spent my entire life hiding.

My name's Josh, and I now have the courage to be an outspoken atheist.

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How fortunate to have fellow nontheists in your personal life. Wish it woulda happened like that with me personally because I needed a Mentor for many years and never had one. Don't waver in your own personal beliefs and always stand your ground, but do it nicely because I find lots of nontheists out there are bitter and hateful and resentful toward the world around them, as they sometimes have a right to be, but being that way openly will only serve to make you an outcast. In fact, consider a political future, you're young enough to do this.... we need realistic minds in the political arena - you're sure to get plenty of votes from here.
Congratulations Josh, I envy you, it took me 70 years to finally wake up, but then, back in my day EVERYONE seemed to be religious to the extreme. You just did not, talk about your non-belief. We have finally, but not completely, reached the point where one need not be afraid, or embarrassed to openly admit to not believing in fairy tails. Keep up the good work




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