Am I the only one more disturbed by the current pope? He's not better, he's just a better mascot for a religion that still won't take responsibility in regard to its child molestation issues or how their politics hinders the world. The fact that he is better at placating does not mean he is DOING good. I still don't see them compensating victims, or changing their socially conservative programs. People are still getting aids at an increasing level because of their anti-contraception policies. Women are still second class citizens in the church. They still fund anti-gay marriage groups. They still push against a proper secular education, refusing to get out of the way of standardized public schools. And they still move money around so that churches don't needs to pay out for molesting kids.

If anything, this man is more dangerous. Before, the pope looked like an evil douche, representing his religions true intention. Now he's just a false front, and people seem to be fooled by it.

It's kind of like saying that chemical weapons are ok, because their CEO is a giant living teddy bear. Pay no attention to the millions of people's faces melting off, because mister snuggles is giving out free hugs and loves children...even faceless mutated children.    ಠ_ಠ

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I am not aware of any substantial policy changes in the catholic church since the election of the new pope. Sure, he talks about helping the poor but this is a facade. Catholic policy on contraception condemns the poor to a generational cycle of need and deprivation from which few escape. Furthermore, the clergy has not been purged of sex criminals as national governments such as Australia and victims around the world begin independent inquiries and prosecutions.

With 3 million people turning up at Copacabana beach in Brazil to see the pope, the catholic church might be thinking it's back to business as usual. If that's the case then national governments should be taxing the church just like any other business.

Why do people even bother to listen to the pope ? He is an emotional juvenile who has never developed and experienced an intimate relationship with another person and in all probability spent the best years of his life fantasising and  masturbating. His gestures of poverty as a clergyman are meaningless bearing in mind the corruption and criminality of the tax exempt organisation he represents.

The pope is a scum bag. A useless shit, a wanker and a confidence trickster. He is a filthy degenerate with his repressed sexuality, proclamations and deceit. He needs the poor much more than the poor need him because without the poor, he hasn't got a business.

I would relish the opportunity to punch his ugly smiling face to a bloody pulp. A pope with a badly broken nose, scarring and missing teeth would be a better pope in my opinion.

Latent cocksucker Pope Francis a.k.a. the repressed masturbatory manipulator

Napoleon, the reason why you're not aware of any changes in policy of the catholic church is, big surprise, Because There AREN'T ANY!!!  It's a case of "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss," once again.  A minor concession to the GLBT community and indulgences by way of Twitter and all is supposed to be both hunky and dory.

And we're supposed to buy all of that ... yeah, right.

The minor concession to GLTB is very minor, it seems. Apparently, GLTB aren't going to hell now provided they do not have sex. An edict from a repressed wanker ! Indulgences ? Absolute bullshit !

So long as any pope and not just Francis or Joe the Rat follow along with the fundamental tenets of the organization they represent, they will be perceived by US as being more of the same ... which is what they are.  Certainly, Francis gives the initial impression of a new coat of paint, particularly with his rejection of much of the pomp and circumstance of the role he's been elected to, and his recent statement which somewhat apparently softened the Vatican's stance on homosexuals.  However, his position on gay BEHAVIOR vs. gay orientation is right out of the "love-the-sinner-hate the sin" playbook, along with his refusal to reconsider women in the clergy.

In too many ways, the RC church remains a creature grounded in the 15th century, while the rest of us live in the 21st.  What changes we see are superficial; that "new coat of paint" covers an ancient, anachronistic structure and fails to hide its flaws, most glaringly, the still-outstanding child abuse scandal.  Yet they go their merry way, offering indulgences via Twitter and insisting that they continue to be the One True Church.  It may be quite safe to say that this is one organization which is not going to change from within.

What is worse is that there has been no truly serious public demand for its change.  An ongoing, sustained public outcry regarding priests' sexual transgressions is either not seen or has no regular coverage in the press.  No police are observed at parsonage doorways with warrants, no priests or monsignors or even bishops being led away in handcuffs while observed by TV news cameras, and no daily coverage of public trials for these transgressors have been in evidence, unlike the recent over-coverage of the Trayvon Martin incident.

And this is because the RC church somehow maintains its supposed respectability in the eyes of the general public.  They still treat it as something special and therefore worthy of deference.  As with their beliefs which contradict reality, they compartmentalize the aberrant behavior of the church away from their general view of it.  They fail to recognize that that behavior is not a departure from the church but intrinsic and endemic to it.

And as long as this is the case, it will be, in the words of Steven Tyler, "The same old story, same old song-and-dance."

It's all 15th century stuff. Remember others like Padre Pio who had "the wounds of Christ." This happens so you will "believe more." It's a shell game. Come over to my house and you can have the wounds of Jebus also. I'll supply the hammer and nails.


No, Jeremy, you are far from alone on this. Like many things that I find utterly repulsive but which are out of my control I try to tune this guy (and the sickening "news" coverage of this guy) out. I have recently become a more active atheist in other ways. Its my way of fighting back. Its all I can do and it gets me through my day. Peace.

Okay, so it was less a minor concession than it was a meaningless one, at least from the point of view of moving the church so much as a micron (that's 0.000001 meters, gang) toward the 21st century.  They still expect people to conform to their bullshit, and they still think they're a major player in the world game.  To a degree, they are, but their stock is falling and I suspect they know it.  Their problem is that, were they do actually do something positive about their declining popularity, they would also be directly countering the very dogma they expect their flocks to follow blindly.

Ultimately, Frankie is still a schmuck, perhaps a touch less so than the schmuck who went before him, but still a schmuck at the head of a bunch of arrogant schmucks.  [shrug] So it goes...

The "stone wall of Catholicism" may be permeable, but only to a point.  Francis still can't consider gays and Lesbians actually ACTING like gays and Lesbians act, and of course, he can't remotely consider the further empowerment of women within his old boys' club.  Certainly he's friendly and engaging and looking to connect to the crowd, and that makes a nice veneer.

Problem is, that's all it is: veneer.

The "banality of evil" is somthing I think about a lot. There must be an ancient god or a latin word for that. If not we should create one. I was thinking to call it Kardashianism but that is the evil of banality - not the same thing.

Jeremy, I very much like what you wrote and share your disdain for the "kinder, gentler" version of subordination of women, attempting to control their lives, the whitewashing of child abuse and molestation, and harboring of pedophilia priests. Of course I agree with his support of GLT and whatever initials I am forgetting. Obviously, his reversal of principles and practices is appropriate for such attributes, however, he is not making the fear of pedophilia any less. If priests who molested boys and girls and exploited women were revealed and dealt with in a straightforward way, providing public support for the victims of their manipulations, I might be willing to take his change of heart as a good thing. As it is now, I just feel he is creating a safer haven for exploitation and manipulation for sexual gratification. 

As to the rights of women, financial, and political rights of men and women, there continues to be a keeping some down and submissive, sucking society dry of time and money, nothing is changing. The whole notion of obedience is not being addressed and is the key to what is basically wrong with religion in the first place. As long as people believe they must obey some authority, religion will continue to be a political, economic, and religious exploiter. 

Pope Francis did give his disciples a good foot wash.  But what the church needs is a new Viet Namese pope.  Then the Holy Father could wash their feet and give ‘em a 20-dollar pedicure.  He could then put the double sawbuck in the poor box. 

It’s a win/win idea.  The slave/priests will feel spiffy and cool, while the homeless get 20 bucks to buy cheap wine and pizza.





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