Am I the only one more disturbed by the current pope? He's not better, he's just a better mascot for a religion that still won't take responsibility in regard to its child molestation issues or how their politics hinders the world. The fact that he is better at placating does not mean he is DOING good. I still don't see them compensating victims, or changing their socially conservative programs. People are still getting aids at an increasing level because of their anti-contraception policies. Women are still second class citizens in the church. They still fund anti-gay marriage groups. They still push against a proper secular education, refusing to get out of the way of standardized public schools. And they still move money around so that churches don't needs to pay out for molesting kids.

If anything, this man is more dangerous. Before, the pope looked like an evil douche, representing his religions true intention. Now he's just a false front, and people seem to be fooled by it.

It's kind of like saying that chemical weapons are ok, because their CEO is a giant living teddy bear. Pay no attention to the millions of people's faces melting off, because mister snuggles is giving out free hugs and loves children...even faceless mutated children.    ಠ_ಠ

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Brilliant idea. It would wash down well.

Pat, there’s a fascinating old movie with Kenneth Branagh on this subject called the Wannsee Conference.  Eichmann was the very efficient secretary all right, but the real star of the show was Reinhard Heydrich.  Fifteen top ranking Nazis, mostly lawyers, arrive at the “Final Solution.” 

What’s amazing is the general light headedness and jocosity of the attendees when planning and scheming the annihilation of millions of Jews.  Eichmann was the quintessential bureaucrat, but Heydrich was the ultimate Nazi ideologue. 

Heydrich was a perfect example of how a memeplex, ideology, can take over the central nervous system such that all the host thinks about is the propagation of the memeplex, in this case Nazism. 

Ironically, the American counterpart of Heydrich was J. Edgar Hoover.  Both had dossiers on everybody.





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