I was watching the news of the November 13, 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, and I started thinking of all the destruction, and killing being performed by ISIS in the Middle East, and aroud the world. As the news was repetitious, my mind started wandering a little, and I thought to myself that if ISIS ever got a foothold on the European continent, they would put us back in the dark ages.

Then I thought about America, and realized that the same thing is happening here by Christians. But the Christians are trying to do it by legal means, (with a few exceptions of doctors who perform abortions being murdered by fanatic Christians).

In Texas, they are knowingly, and intentionally, dumbing down their students in order to give a more religious bent to education.


Although Texas is in the lead in this area, several other states aren't that far behind. Several states want to include "Intellegent Design", and Creationism in their science books.













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Google "kitzmiller v. dover" to see the disaster that hit the ID (intelligent design) folk in a federal courtroom in Pennsylvania ten years ago. The PBS program NOVA did an hour-long story on it and I've seen mention on PBS that in December there might be a tenth anniversary celebration of that major win for science.

The ID folk tried to disguise their version of creationism as science but they screwed up so badly that the Bush-appointed federal judge in the case gave the ID folk the ruling they had hoped to avoid; he said ID is religion.

They've been keeping a low profile since then but xians in state legislatures continue to introduce bills to get around the Kitzmiller ruling. Most of their bills die in legislative committees.

If you want to follow the efforts by xians to put their stuff into the public schools, check out the website for the National Center for Science Education at www.ncse.com, who are "defending the teaching of evolution and climate science". They will of course happily accept gifts of money.


A newspaper reporter who covered the Kitzmiller case, Lauri Lebo, wrote a book about it, titled "The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin." I bought the Kindle version from Amazon.

Darwin won.

As an active member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, I can tell you that we're kicking religion's ass every chance we get, from the 10 commandments in an Alabama courthouse to Ohio's Attorney General trying to give a $300k grant to a sports proselytizing organization.  Anyone who wants to claim that the FFRF hasn't been effective hasn't seen this list ... and it's one long puppy!

Wow!!  That's pretty impressive stuff, Loren.  Thanks for your work. 

There's no doubt the secular ideology is winning legally, but the sheer number of cases we need to confront and challenge is absolutely staggering.  That's still a huge problem.  The religious are like whack-a-moles, they keep rearing their ugly heads with every opportunity they get.  If they lose, there's always another group of moles to take up their cause.  That's what is so frustrating to me.  They just can't seem to learn from their mistakes and loses. 

As regards religion Donald we're still in the dark ages. Not until we get superstitious beliefs firmly behind us will we ever be clear of delusions.

Demolition of the houses of worship is needed before we can safely state we've come out of the dark ages.

Donald, I agree in every respect. What most people miss here is the fact that religion still wants to take a sow's ear and make a silk purse. The "quest for god" is almost like the alchemist's quest for making gold. They just keep trying to "find the formula." If they cannot shove their religion down your throat they will sneak it in. Answers In Genesis and the Genesis Science Network are good examples. I'm sure these people know that the biblical book of Genesis is very limited and has no science at all, but organizations like these keep working and re-working species, types, and "kinds" doing everything to iron out the evolution. To the religious world everything boils down to (1) evolution or (2) god did it. Unfortunately our existance is not that simple. Finding any flaws in the one does not prove the other. Some are just too ignorant to see this.

Imagine that religion gets the hold it wants and we do see another Dark Age. The world would have slaughter, lies, and again new lies made up about god. Perhaps the "winner" would even write another holy book.

Hi Donald. Don't despair. Read The Better Angels Of Our Nature by Steven Pinker. Hang in there.....and join FFRF!

Try another site. You may find this as an MP4 but be careful. Us the title name and then add "download torrent" but you need a torrent downloader to do this. Also check everything for malware.

I'm reminded here of the recent involvement on another site in which the Christian wants to see my proof of why all gods are myth and manmade. He suggests that we would have to be carefully examining every religious claim on earth to see if it was myth or not. Apparently this guy doesn't understand the cartoon of an alien Jesus on a cross asking "how many more times do I have to do this." Logic and common sense seem to avoid him. Again, he wants to know who told me that gods are a myth?

My reply was "the Easter Bunny." That's how dense believers are. Choosing the right god is almost like shopping for a car. We all know there are different cars out there.




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