I was watching the news of the November 13, 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, and I started thinking of all the destruction, and killing being performed by ISIS in the Middle East, and aroud the world. As the news was repetitious, my mind started wandering a little, and I thought to myself that if ISIS ever got a foothold on the European continent, they would put us back in the dark ages.

Then I thought about America, and realized that the same thing is happening here by Christians. But the Christians are trying to do it by legal means, (with a few exceptions of doctors who perform abortions being murdered by fanatic Christians).

In Texas, they are knowingly, and intentionally, dumbing down their students in order to give a more religious bent to education.


Although Texas is in the lead in this area, several other states aren't that far behind. Several states want to include "Intellegent Design", and Creationism in their science books.













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Try another site. You may find this as an MP4 but be careful. Us the title name and then add "download torrent" but you need a torrent downloader to do this. Also check everything for malware.

I'm reminded here of the recent involvement on another site in which the Christian wants to see my proof of why all gods are myth and manmade. He suggests that we would have to be carefully examining every religious claim on earth to see if it was myth or not. Apparently this guy doesn't understand the cartoon of an alien Jesus on a cross asking "how many more times do I have to do this." Logic and common sense seem to avoid him. Again, he wants to know who told me that gods are a myth?

My reply was "the Easter Bunny." That's how dense believers are. Choosing the right god is almost like shopping for a car. We all know there are different cars out there.



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