THE NINTH COMMANDMENT "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"

When I was at Stratford-on-Avon yesterday and seated on a park bench with my wife, a female evangelist approached the couple next to us. I heard her asking if they were believers, and 'yes they were', so they had some sort of mutual back-patting exercise for a few minutes.
The woman then moved on, and seeing me smiling approached us asking if we were believers. 
I was delighted, because my smile was that of a crocodile.
"No", I answered, "We are atheists and proud of it, because we are right and you are wrong." 
She made a movement as if to get away quickly.
"No, wait", I said, "Tell me what is the Ninth Commandment".
She hesitated:         " . . er . . . not to covet thy ...", she began.
"No", I said, "It is "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" Exodus 20, verse 16."
"Indeed", I continued, "You are bearing false witness with your creationist preaching. You are part of a conspiracy of ignorance in which you deny the truths of evolution that have been supported by millions of learned scientists these last 150 years, but you prefer instead the camp-side stories of illiterate desert-margin goat herders from the archaic Bronze Age."

Moving backwards, she was muttering that there are scientists who believe the biblical version of creation.
"No", I said firmly, "Any so-called scientist who speaks like that is not a proper scientist, because that person is casting out basic truths of the scientific world that have been tested and proved time and time again by millions of honest scientists. 
Self-styled 'scientists' who deny the truths of science are pseudo-scientists---deficient ones if not wholly bogus ones. They carry no weight in the real world---the true world of sound academic reasoning.  
You have been falsely taught, and you are passing on obvious untruths to vulnerable innocent children and susceptible adults who trust you only because they know no better. 
True scientists should be preaching in your churches and schools, not phoney ones who hawk the hackneyed creation story . . . "   
(but, alas, now she was gone).
Of course, the ninth commandment was a biblical exhortation not to lie deliberately and certainly not unjustly; so I suppose that many bible-thumpers are not actually lying if they really think their myths are truths. Having been misinformed themselves, they do so to others. I merely saw an opportunity to use the 'false-witness accusation' as a quick and convenient means of attack. 

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I learned, many moons ago, that internal consistancy is not a criteria for religious belief - I would reject it on that alone.

You didn't upset him, he just identified you as an SP and a PTS.  lol


SP = suppressive person

PTS = potential trouble source

My recent experience was at a legal conference when, upon learning I was an atheist, the guy sitting in front of me turned around and said , "I don't understand you people."  I didn't say anything at that point, but he started to lecture me on how thermodynamics disproves evolution.  After raising my eyebrows, I asked how many laws of thermodynamics there were.  He got that wrong.  I asked him which particular law he was referring to and he said the third - entropy.  I then proceeded to correct him and told him entropy was the second law.  And, while we were on the subject, would he please define all the the laws of thermodynamics, which of course he could not do. I then went into "smart ass" mode and asked, now that we established his expertise in the field of physics, to define entropy.  After I explained he got that one wrong also, he quickly said something like, "Well I took physics in college."  To which I responded, "So did I.  The difference is, I passed.  Now, for a modest suggestion.  Read a fu&*%ng book once in a while, rather than regurgitating lying Christian propaganda, before you spout nonsense on a subject which you obviously know nothing about."  For some strange reason, he didn't speak to me for the rest of the conference.

The bold evangelisers who go door-knocking and preying on people in parks are well prepared for their mission---but maybe not well prepared for the relatively few occasions when they are really seriously challenged by ardent atheists.

Although I was unprepared, I had had a set-to with JW types at the door of my house only a few days previously and that had fired me up. It is hopeless to think that one can win them over. Whatever else you say, you need to emphasise early on that you are proud to be atheist because you know by the operations of true common sense and science that you are right and they are wrong.

Atheists hold the intellectual high ground.

God believers lie stuck in their glue swamp of fibs and fictions, even if they do not know it.

So it is not arrogant when you say that you go along with the undisputed truths of science. It is they who are arrogant in making out that ancient fables hold any truths at all. Voilà. Be proud in your atheism. 

I find intellectual argument  with these people a complete waste of time. It's better to win them over with charm and good looks.

Do you think she was one of those funny ladies who likes to go with couples ?

Proselytising presumably gives her the mental buzz that makes her more at ease with her imaginary god at prayer time----and I was seen as an unwanted threat.

It would be good to hear from A/N members of similar stories like those of Pat and Mark above. 


We know we cannot win by intellectual argument in the space of two minutes, but every little bit might help.

I had a similar one way argument with two house-visiting JW types only a week earlier, and they literally ran away too. 


Gee, they ran away, eh?  Y'all  suppose they were afraid of the TRUTH?!?


We know we cannot win by intellectual argument in the space of two minutes...


With fundamentalist we haven't won by intellectual argument in two millennium.

Let's never stop trying Jim. 



How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!


How cheerfully he seems to grin

How neatly spreads his claws,

And welcomes little fishes in,

With gently smiling jaws!        Lewis Carroll


I usually find the artist more interesting than the art itself.

Evelyn Hatch by Lewis Carroll

 I know where your coming from Jim. They may not convert right on the spot and most certainly will not concede the arguement. Anger and fear are most often the responses.

  But a few here and there will walk away and continue to ponder the discussion....and sometimes conversion is achieved. IE Brother Richard i believe.




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