THE NINTH COMMANDMENT "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"

When I was at Stratford-on-Avon yesterday and seated on a park bench with my wife, a female evangelist approached the couple next to us. I heard her asking if they were believers, and 'yes they were', so they had some sort of mutual back-patting exercise for a few minutes.
The woman then moved on, and seeing me smiling approached us asking if we were believers. 
I was delighted, because my smile was that of a crocodile.
"No", I answered, "We are atheists and proud of it, because we are right and you are wrong." 
She made a movement as if to get away quickly.
"No, wait", I said, "Tell me what is the Ninth Commandment".
She hesitated:         " . . er . . . not to covet thy ...", she began.
"No", I said, "It is "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" Exodus 20, verse 16."
"Indeed", I continued, "You are bearing false witness with your creationist preaching. You are part of a conspiracy of ignorance in which you deny the truths of evolution that have been supported by millions of learned scientists these last 150 years, but you prefer instead the camp-side stories of illiterate desert-margin goat herders from the archaic Bronze Age."

Moving backwards, she was muttering that there are scientists who believe the biblical version of creation.
"No", I said firmly, "Any so-called scientist who speaks like that is not a proper scientist, because that person is casting out basic truths of the scientific world that have been tested and proved time and time again by millions of honest scientists. 
Self-styled 'scientists' who deny the truths of science are pseudo-scientists---deficient ones if not wholly bogus ones. They carry no weight in the real world---the true world of sound academic reasoning.  
You have been falsely taught, and you are passing on obvious untruths to vulnerable innocent children and susceptible adults who trust you only because they know no better. 
True scientists should be preaching in your churches and schools, not phoney ones who hawk the hackneyed creation story . . . "   
(but, alas, now she was gone).
Of course, the ninth commandment was a biblical exhortation not to lie deliberately and certainly not unjustly; so I suppose that many bible-thumpers are not actually lying if they really think their myths are truths. Having been misinformed themselves, they do so to others. I merely saw an opportunity to use the 'false-witness accusation' as a quick and convenient means of attack. 

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she must be! haha
Yea, it is only intellectual dishonesty rather than outright lying if believe some bit of ridiculous crap. And theist can believe some ridiculous crap.

Jim, the situation was really this. An evangelist had prepared herself in order to circulate all day in a huge park with the rehearsed intention of preying upon the innocent and vulnerable.

I was unprepared.

So suddenly there she was, invading the quiet space of my wife and myself and the couples to each side of us. 

My reaction was extempore, unscripted, unrehearsed. 

I invented a line of argument that I had never tried before, and she could have stood her ground

and argued it out. But no, she ran. Otherwise, I would have followed it up by exposing some of the blatant superstitions, fallacies, fibs and fiction that fill her fat and largely fraudulent book. Voilà tout.




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