The reality that societal adherence to religious practices has continued to be on the rise, at very explosive rates in Africa, especially in the face of substantial criticism from Non-Theists is a conclusion that is not far-fetched.

A look through the canister of notorious glue that’s liable for bonding societal adherence to religion, dangerously incriminates the general assistance of our institutions of learning, which specialize from elementary level of education to tertiary education in raising gullible belief engines for different facets of religious sanctuaries, as well as training professional preachers in the proficiency of telling lies and preaching fallacious theologies to humankind, as the chief culprit that has helped the advancement of false religions at a very alarming rate on planet earth.

Of course, as I have stated it in the opening part of the second chapter of The Crisis of Religion concerning the gullibility of man; that is, when humankind has become like the robotic belief machine and has developed the detrimental habit of accepting any piece of fictional claim that comes his way without any recourse to logic, reason, and scepticism to access such claim. As such, whatever disguise of religious schemes or impious schisms, superstitious beliefs, or fraudulent prophecies, which any person might introduce to that society where gullibility rules will forever flourish like wildfire in the dry tropical forest.

With able support of the story-telling syndrome, that of one credulous man telling the story to another, and another to another; as well as man’s uncontrolled fanaticism that includes his extravagant search for security and tainted spiritual enlightenments; in addition to the precarious level of his unrestrained dependency on fabulous spiritual authority; either of the church or of the mystical elements. All these, with the assistance of man’s obsessed love for hazardously adorned religious frenzies and fallacies would greatly fan the flames of the advancement of counterfeit evangelism at a very alarming rate.

The success of one evangelist, priest, or pastor would immediately encourage another to establish his own ministry. Consequently, the spread of commercial evangelism would progress at a very staggering speed. Every jobless man would metamorphose overnight into being a man of God, to join the bandwagon of proprietors of an exceptionally lucrative trade; where devotees that deposited their tithes and generous offerings certainly never come calling again for withdrawals.

All the same, the only qualification required of anyone to join the ranks of counterfeit men of God is a pretentious attitude to Divine Calling. If this man of God intended being a prolific preacher, he would hurriedly undertake a six-month crash course or a one-year diploma course in theology and churchistry. To God be the glory, the business of churching has now become easier. With the advent of very wonderful and efficient modern technologies, a new pastor can now buy the CDs and DVDs containing the preaching and gesticulations of other veteran pastors, and easily preach it up every Sunday to the little congregation of his own church at the other side of the country.

Lately, the high levels of unemployment, poverty, and diseases that are intolerably spoiling the continent of Africa day by day have become other major factors that have ceaselessly drawn great crowds to religious devotion. Many Africans are in search of miraculous succours and bogus hopes to alleviating their social and health problems. Consequently, the diverse religious trades that are operational in the continent have greatly enjoyed phenomenal patronage as a result of these factors.

The fear of the unknown has attained bizarre extents in the black continent to such a level that many gullible Africans can no longer do anything on their own, unless they seek untrue protection and security from false prophets in religious institutions, and from witchdoctors in oracle shrines. Countless numbers of people have credulously regarded their pastors, their native doctors, their priests, oracles, and idols, as direct proxies and representatives of divine authority on earth. Thus, these factors have led several Africans to the extreme point of superfluous dependency on those that claimed to be custodians of divine authority on earth; culminating in the spiralling growth of churches and different manners of fraudulent spiritual houses all over the world.

Adebowale Ojowuro,

Author of The Crisis of Religion

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I've been on the african continent three times, but it was almost 35 years ago and things have dramatically. As I recall, Christianity was second to indigenous practices; however, as I said, it appeared that way. I recently read a book, newspaper or magazine saying that sub-Saharan African was 90%+ Christian. If that is true, it will take years if not decades to wipe away the damage religion does.
Yes sir, things have changed dramatically for the worst in Nigeria in the last 35 years of your last visit. Half a century into our independence, the case of the Nigerian nation is very much a tragic one. Regrettably, the story of our nation has been that of unrelenting disaster that’s grossly invested in brutal military dictatorship, sheer poverty, callous religious and ethnic conflicts, and total economic collapse. Allied to these unending chains of terrible afflictions, our faith is now disgustingly delusional and sightless – 100% – culminating in complete breakdown of the society that is today called Nigeria.
Onpoint to say the least and although I have never been to Africa, the rapid deterioration and chaos abounding within all of it's borders are related to "cultural" adherence or counterproductive methods of rejecting so called "western influence" as they are beginning to do in Uganda.
I agree!I guess part two of this tragic theory would be to construct a plan of deconstructing societaldeceptions. What a feat! But it is in the realm of possibility!

Agreed Crystal! The feat of deconstructing societal deceptions is very monumental and huge, but it’s practically not within the realms of impossibility. The big challenge is how to develop, permeate, and expand the practice of Critical Thinking into the day to day living of the entirety of humankind, in such a way that its ethics and values will naturally sensitize every individual into the veritable path of reasoning with absurd articles of faith. If the larger corporate group of Atheists, Freethinkers, Humanists, Agnostics, and Sceptics, etc, can achieve this colossal feat, even the self-styled prophets and professional preachers whose stock in trade is to preach these absurd theologies to others will begin to see the detrimental ignominy of their professional trades in the society. Somehow, someday, humanity needs to break free from the strangulating claws of gullible belief systems that currently rule our modern society. The heat rages on as the stand for humanistic liberty gathers universal momentum...

Those are interesting facts.

I can't help but think that the internet would merely serve as conducive for those who are already doubting their faith as opposed to those who have no doubts. 

Just having the internet available does not make Americans change their beliefs.  I think most of the members here are here because we first doubted, not because we were religious people who found out that religion was absurd on the internet.

Depends on your purpose for using the net.  It may be that it does not work this way in 3rd world countries...

There are some factors responsible for the state of affairs in the African subcontinent.

There is the widespread poverty and ignorance in the region. Religion and infact Christianity thrive very well in such enviroment. Then there is the  educational system, which is basically faulty and dysfunctional. The missionaries were instrumental to the introduction of western education to most of Africa with emphasis on ability to read and write biblical texts. also included were Arithmetic for church accounting systems. Science and Reason were intentionally excluded to ensure the populace remain unenlightened.

Finally, slave-trade and colonisation subdued the self esteem of an average African. Christianity presented Jesus, a whiteman, the lord and saviour. The missionaries often hehald the arrival of ihe imperialists and were to prepare the natives for colonial rule. The Europeans came with the bible and the gun to make physical and mental domination complete.

At independence, the Europeans removed their flags and guns but left the bible. The bible  appears more potent and tend to perpectuate itself.

While, the rage of reason or enlightenment was blowing across Europe, christianity was  well and strong in the former colonies. The last pope, Pope John-Paul the second, once said that the christian world is looking up to Africa and Latin America for the survival of of the christian faith.

He is probably right, but I also believe that sooner or later, the African continent would be the last  waterloo for the final banishment of that inhuman Abrahmic religion, christianity from Africa forever..

Today, the African subcontinent is under a seige from religious fundamentalists and adventurists. Christianity, rebranded in America as born again , commercial enterprise is spreading like a wild fire and dispossessing the ignorant congregations of their valued earnings and promising prosperity and blissful afterlife. But this  will not last for too long as  Globalisation and world-wide web would usher in a new dawn in Sub-Sahara Africa.  

@John: Oh Yes! I agree with you 100%. The internet is already creating extensive awareness and penetrating lights into the thick gloom that several dogmatic faiths have agelessly employed to encase the entirety of humankind from the reality of the world they live in. The world wide web facility is undoubtedly a powerful tool that has created tremendous awareness about Atheism in all corners of the world. The internet campaign started from the Western World, and its gradually exposing discerning Africans into some critical realities we wouldn't have known in the sub-sahara Africa in a thousand years to come. It is undoubtedly true that the internet has been responsible for the substantial growth that Atheism has enjoyed in recent years. Example of this, is the ease with which we can share resource information on Atheist Nexus and facebook.

I am always re-energized when I read the comments of brothers like Adebowale and Danladi; thank you gentlemen! Do either of you have any idea what percentage of Sub-Saharan Africans share the same perspectives regarding these institutionalized religious mental slavery systems? Just curious.


Your brother in reason,


Rob. Thank you for your contribution, To give an answer to your curiousity, I will give a rough estimate of say 0.1 percent of the population. In Nigeria, I can tell that we number less than 1,000 in a country that has the largest collection of 150 million black humans. We, secular humanists are the endagered species of the dark continent. Eventhough, we black Africans are the cursed race as contained in the christian bible, yet, we are today at the vanguard in the crusade to perpectuate the system that has rated us as  sub-human, same cathegory or a little higher than the wild African apes. My consolation and assurance is that someday, reason will overcome and we wll be free at last. It may not be in my generation.


Dele, I often wonder; why were our ancestors so gullible and inviting to these alien religious systems? When the first Europeans came to the shores of West Africa with this "holy book" in one hand a gun in the other; why didn't the African chieftains run them out of their country? Yes, trade goods or commodities, but why would they trade their countrymen for perishables, weapons and intoxicants? Can you imagine a flotilla of West African men landing on the shores of any European country and trying to convince the local white Europeans to trade some of their white women for rum or ivory or gold?...And by the way we have an African religious system, complete with a black God, that we’d like you to consider too! Has there ever been a time in human history where white people, en masse, have worshiped a black (dark complexion) deity? Why have the majority of black people, throughout the Diaspora, found it so easy to submit themselves to a religious business system that is so patently racist?



Rob. Thats a good one.

First, when the Europeans appeared on our shores, they met our forefathers naked and barbaric. It was easy for a civilised person to convert a primitive man. The inferiority complex is there from the very beginning.  Besides, they also brought the western civilisation, culture and education. Then the obnocious slave trade and colonisation. Even after colonisation, there is neo-colonisation and its attendant imperialism. Remember that if you tell a lie, one thousand times, the worse skeptic would begin to accept it as truth. Our people have been told over and over again, that we are inferior and it has gone to our subconscious. We now believe it and behave to type as slaves instinctively. It will take a whole big leap, a concerted effort to decondition and recondition our people's psyche through education and enlightenment programmes to make them realise they have been deceived for too long. It is then that people would begin to fashion ways to liberate themselves from the shackles of colonialism, from inferior mentality. Religion is a potent force in human affairs and it is based on what is refered to as management by fear, intimidation, and terrorism. The fear of the unknown. Religious mentality was sown into our young brain right from childhood by our parents(child abuse), then our teachers, peers pressure and all the societal norms that force us to conform.





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