Today the old testament is a part of the christian's bible.   But as far as I know, it is supposed to be oldet than 2000 years.

Maybe someone has answers to my questions:

1.  Did the old testament exist in a written form at around 300 BCE?
2.  Was it then in Hebrew and a part of the jewish religion?
3.  How far spread was the knowledge?
4.  Had it been translated into Greek?
5.  Could it have been known by Greek philosophers?
6.  Considering the little distance between Greece and Israel, how much cultural interchange was there between the Greek and the Hebrew learned people?

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Of course. In 1970 in Southwestern Iraq 2 library's were unearthed. It is assumed they were deliberately buried to save them from destruction. These two libaray's were part of two city's Nippur and Uruk....mentioned in ancient Persian writings and finally discovered. These were part of the Sumerian civilization - spoken of but never found - until now.


The writings - the oldest ever found dated to 3500 BCE. Starting as simple stick figure books - and progressing by 3200 BCE to the basics of the Semite languages (Hebrew is one of these).


Lingusits obviously wer called in from all over the world. All were either Christian, Jewish or Muslim with ONE being an agnostic and probably the most qualified and famous of all of them - a Professor John M Allegro - from Manchester University in Great Britain. He was given the task of translating all the 'High Priests' manuscripts. You really should just read the book he's written about all this - not an easy read - university study type learning - but OH so cool!


"The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross" - A study of the nature of Christianity and Judaism within the fertility cults of the ancient Near east....


I picked up my copy from for around $10.00 in paper back form.


You also should understand that NONE of the other linguists published their findings - with good reasons. The origins of Hebrew/Judaism are now exposed - along with that sub-set - that tumor and brat child Christianity are exposed for all to see. The cover-up has been astounding.


Prior to this - in 1949 - when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered - Professor Allegro also was called in. He was the only one for decades that would dare publish his findings - these scrolls were from the Essene sect of the Jews....and written around 30 BCE - and show that all the basic tenants of Christian teachings were in fact being practiced long before Jesus arrived on-the-scene. Another reason all those Christian and Jewish scholars didn't want the information published. Besides, some of those scrolls show exactly what Allegro was talking about in his discovery's in the library manuscripts from the Sumer civilization.


I'll give you one more item to ponder. In the High Priest's writings from Sumer - he speaks about a 'tree' and fruit that was 'off-limits' to everyone ibn that society except HIM. He used the 'fruit' - broken down properly - to gain the hallucinatory high necessary to 'speak with god'. It also speaks about a woman that stole some of his 'stash' and was expelled from the country. Sound familiar?

Wow.  That sounds interesting.   I never thought about this before.

But of course, Eve's apple was not an apple but some drug, maybe a mushroom!!!!

Thanks.  This had never occurred to me.

Only Christians have ever referred to this forbidden fruit as an APPLE. And een the most ignorant of humans knows that any so-called GAWD would not restrict the use of a perfectly good fruit for all to eat.


However, drugs have been a part of cultures for thousands of years. The Amanita muscarius mushroom is described in Sumerian books...not named - not described how to break it down for use - that was secret information only for that High Priest - formally named witch doctor or medicine man - the very people within these tribes that knew plant/animal use to aid in healing.


By the way - the word Essene (A Jewish sect at the time of Jesus) means 'healer' in it's original language (Sumerian). Translated into English it means physician. It is well understood that the Essene sect of Judaism (which lived apart to protect their secrets) were the 'healers' of the jewish people. The Dead Sea Scrolls of the High Priest show Jews travelling for dozens of miles from the cities for healing medicines.

When I was told about the apple, I was a child, taking the bible stories literally, and I had never even heard of the existence of drugs.   By the age of 17 I threw the unread bible together with christianity into the garbage.   After that I was never bothered to reinterprete or rethink those stories.   What I know about christianity is still the children's version of it.  

A very good reason to be a part of forum's like this - you can obtain much information.


Also, a fine reason to actually read the Bible. I don't mean an entire chapter a night for that defeats the purpose. I mean a couple lines at a time and then analyze if the statement made is moral. You'll find such outlandish stuff it will make you have nightmares! Caution! Do not read that book of horror before bedtime.

When I got rid of christianity, I was fed up to boredom with the same stuff over and over.  Having been told those biblical stories over and over at church service.  Plus also during compulsory religious instructions of one weekly lesson until at the age of 14 I was allowed to vote out of it.   I would be less bored to read the telephone book or the manual of the vacuum cleaner than to ever again read christian fairy tales.   But I enjoy secondary information like about the mushrooms.     

I just started to watch this video about Allegro:

Perhaps as you learn about real history from secondary sources it will eventually drag you back to the Bible for clarification. All that you were taught as a child was frickin crap...they dismissed the really important stuff to indoctrinate you into their Club of God. Keeping you ignorant of the real stories and facts was done out of ignorance themselves or out of wanting you to be sub-servient to the religion.


Most do not know the real stories or ever ask questions. Questions such as' When Cain left Eden (removed) he went East to the Land of Nod...married and had many children etc.. Who the hell did he marry? Come on! There were only 3 people on earth remember! It's easy to pick apart the bibical narrative by reading it slowly and carefully - and this gives you much information when confronted by one of them-there Christians wanting to save your sorry ass. It's actually a LOT of fun!

People are different and they have different interests.   I started this not so much by interest in the bible but by my attempt to understand the background and the general way of thinking in the time of the Greek philosopher Epicurus.   I am puzzled, how Epicurus owned slaves and never wrote one word about inequality.  It seems that cruelty was just ubiquitous in those times.

The Romans wrote the complete book on slavery and slaves. In the 2nd century BCE a Roman wrote a complete guide on slaves - how they are defined etc. They were called 'talking property' - and then there is non-talking property like a shovel. Both were treated exactly the same - used until worthless - and then sold or given away. This is exactly where Christians picked up and continued - and slavery is one of their biggest EVIL's....of which most refuse to even acknowledge. It wasn't atheists that brought 600,000 black men and women from Africa and turned them into 'until death us do part' workers on plantations. It was Christians and they learned everything they needed to know from Roman rulers.

Cruelty seems to be ubiquitous and independent of the belief system.   I am attempting to evaluate the evil done by people independently from the fact, that I happen to be an ex-christian.   I try to see the specific unpleasantness of christianity neither as worse than others, but as one of many.  This is alse the reason, why I am not more inclined to read the bible than reading the koran or vedas or any other 'sacred' texts.  

In far to many cases, religion is just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it. You take the religion out of war, and the entire thing would fall flat.




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