I'm driving home from work and I see a sign for "Little Lambs Sunday School" in front of a nice big baptist church.




They refer to themselves as sheep! I mean, come on! Sheep? Really? And none of them clue in on the fact that sheep are a source of income and sustenance for the shepherd? Who willingly identifies with a weak, skittish animal? Isn't the best thing about a sheep the fact that it can be used without being slaughtered? Sheep are also slaughtered, of course.

Maybe I only react this way because I am outside looking in (having never been in) and flock sounds nicer than herd or something. I doubt it.


And they have the nerve to guffaw at the idea of our shared ancestry with apes.


I just had to get this off my chest. I'm sure there are others with equally strong feelings about other christian qualities; let's hear them! Sound off you non-believers about the ONE thing that tops them all.

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You must remember, the Paulists adopted the lamb as symbolic of the proto-RCC, Jesus Christ being for them "the lamb of God," which harks back to the ancient warlord tribes who concocted the O.T., with its Abramaic sacrifice and its scapegoat ritualism.  That the sheep is known for its docility and naivety is helpful to the Church, but Muslims are easily misled by leaders who take advantage of the very name for their religion: submission.  The main reason these clerics hate the West is that it is democratic, and there is nothing democratic about the unholy Quran.  Think of all that oil revenue the mullahs would forego in bribes and payoffs.  Why do you suppose the Saudis put Wahhabists in all its maddrassahs?  Because it is extortion.  That is how things were done in the 8th century.
Sexism really bothers me the most -- it's the thing that got me started questioning when I was little. Then it just snowballed from there -- then other things started to bother me.  The list would just be too long.
Dido what Sarah said. I had no one tell me about the awesome stuff of science that contradicts fundamentalism. The only "TRUTH" that I ever heard came with bible glasses. Give yourself a pat on the back:).

Do I have to choose just one thing??






Just to name a few.  


Yeah, just the one. Naming all of them would be a chore. I don't want anyone to depress themselves listing the totality of christian stupidity. Pretty much everything about religion bothers me ,christianity in particular, but the sheep thing....<sigh> I know that isnt the worst thing to hang on christianity but it just hits a nerve with me.
yeah that'd be lame; name... when you're older... hey i'm a little lamb yay.. hey wait!? wtf lol
Nice one!

Definitely the use of biblical glasses for looking at the world. If it doesn't fit with the bible, or any other religion, then it isn't true. 


Oh, and also, the constant use of end world arguments. Telling people the world is going to end soon because god is coming down ( from where?) is so overflowing with stupid that it is as worse as.....


Nope can't think of any worse. 

ONE thing?  Impossible, like Steph said, there are too many.

Your sheep school reminds me of a church near my house with a big sign that says "Babies In Need"

We always laugh that if we ever need a needy baby we know where to get one.

1 of many pet peeves = "he died for our sins."  It's like the mafia.  Bizarre.
The 'fish emblem' irritates me.  For the same reason the lamb reference irritates me.  And the idea that infants are born 'sinful and unclean'...female children are destined to remain 'unclean' and subservient to males.  And the 'dumbing down' of science within the 'Intelligent Design' debate.  Also the crumbling wall between Church and State.. coupled with the encouragement of Christian Nation mythology.
Christians are given imagery of a shepherd lovingly guarding his flock from the wolves and lions that lurk just outside of the painting. Are they are ever told WHY the shepherd guards his flock, or what the sheep are used for? Well, shepherds don't have sheep because they like having lots of cute little fluffy little pets around. Some sheep are kept for shearing, but eventually they end up as someone's dinner. Little lambs are taken from their mothers and butchered, to be turned into juicy, tender lamb chops. When this is understood, the notion of Jesus as a shepherd turns quite dark and disturbing.
Well,they indeed follow their preachers like sheeps,acting like they were blind or something,without thinking...




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