I'm driving home from work and I see a sign for "Little Lambs Sunday School" in front of a nice big baptist church.




They refer to themselves as sheep! I mean, come on! Sheep? Really? And none of them clue in on the fact that sheep are a source of income and sustenance for the shepherd? Who willingly identifies with a weak, skittish animal? Isn't the best thing about a sheep the fact that it can be used without being slaughtered? Sheep are also slaughtered, of course.

Maybe I only react this way because I am outside looking in (having never been in) and flock sounds nicer than herd or something. I doubt it.


And they have the nerve to guffaw at the idea of our shared ancestry with apes.


I just had to get this off my chest. I'm sure there are others with equally strong feelings about other christian qualities; let's hear them! Sound off you non-believers about the ONE thing that tops them all.

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There are some preachers that do act like pigs,and I love bacon :9
Parents who brainwash their children with religious crap then send the kids to religious schools, where they learn more religious crap.




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