The one thing to say about God's non-existence... and a bonus rant about the size of the universe.

What is the one good question/point/statement that you tell people to defend your atheism?

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I don't defend my atheism. I don't attack their religion. It's none of anyone's business what my personal philosophy or belief system is. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is made out of your actions in life. I generally dodge direct questions with answers like: it's been a while since I went to church or I like football on Sundays or even I'd just like to keep it to myself so I don't get into any political or religious discussions that get everyone ticked off. If I do eventually get into it with people I try very hard not to offend. No mentions of the holocaust, witch trials, gay marriage, or anything to show religion is wrong. It will only alienate you from people who could otherwise be your friends. I figure religionists are like kids who still believe in Santa Claus, why ruin their Christmas just because you know it's your folks who put the presents under the tree?
I'm not much for being a proselytizing atheist (which really sounds like a contradiction in terms to me, anyway). However, if someone wants to proselytize, get in my face, attempt to convert, threaten me with hell, or whatever, I have no problem countering with whatever intellectual force is necessary. I may not be able to take such a person out with the skill or erudition of a Christopher Hitchens, but I will absolutely take my best shot at emulating him and reducing my opponent to a mass of quivering illogic.

Verb sap, theists: let sleeping atheists lie.
There ya go! That's the passion I'm looking for!
This is a simple statement that I tell people when asked why I'm an atheist. Simple because I'm a life long atheist and basic youthful questions of "how do you know that" remain unanswered:

I believe all humans today have 5 senses, despite there being 7 billion of us, there has never been evidence of extra senses.

I believe humans, for at least the past 10,000 years, were identical to us in all but knowledge and also had 5, and only 5, senses.

Therefore, I believe no human has ever been capable of knowing how our universe was created, much less who created it and the expectations this deity has of us.

I don't know how and if the universe began but I do know for certain that no gods, that we humans have ever created, are plausible.




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