The one thing to say about God's non-existence... and a bonus rant about the size of the universe.

What is the one good question/point/statement that you tell people to defend your atheism?

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I don't mean to drag this thread far off topic but with deep respect to the late Sagan, I wonder how anyone can put a number on something so mysterious.
I was searching at the same time apparently. I also found the word "observable" in observable universe. Meaning the universe that we have found. Not the universe that exists. Lets be careful to add the word "observable" to these numbers so not to cause confusion. I was asking this question just last night actually. Thanks for reminding me about it and helping me to find a more satisfying answer Phil!
True enough, we can't know for sure the limits of the universe which also means we can't yet know the age of the universe.
Oh, BTW. I can completely understand how we can average the number of stars within a galaxy, but the number of galaxies or even stars within the universe still has to remain unknown. Unless there is information I have seeked since Jr High school when the teacher wondered out loud, "how big is the universe". As far as our best technology shows us there is no end to a seemingly never ending spectacle of stars. I hope you don't take this as an argument, I have heard it from other respectable sources, not just you. I am sure the sources have a good answer on how they came up with a number, I just want to know.

Back to the pastor, I would LOVE to join in a respectable conversation with him/her. Being a former Christian, I know the mindset.
I am sure the single profile will be backed by many people. I have just remembered a problem with this scenario, this will be breaking this websites main rule. If we could divert him to another thread, we all could still maintain honest integrity. Please provide the link here if we are so lucky.
True! I am sure no one will even respond. I have tried before to reason with fundies before, they know they cannot contend with logic so they steer clear of the logical. But I am keeping my fingers crossed. :)
the universe isn't really endless, as it began just 14,000,000,000 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the age of the universe based on the observed size, and, as we are not certain of the limits of the the universe we can't know the exact age?
I think the cosmic background radiation (and its cooling) is a more accurate way to determine the age of the universe than guessing its actual size, but there may be other means I'm not aware of.
I am guessing that the term "universe" means everything that was emitted from our own big bang judging by the clues of the context. When I imagine universe, I imagine a place that has many big bangs, and still more to come, just too far away for us to realize it has happened. A universe unimaginably huge. A place so large that our current computers cannot calculate its size, or even infinite. Like our big bang was just a tiny event in a massively expansive place that other larger (and smaller events) have taken place. We still seem to think that all of this universe was just for us and our big bang. The unknown is what I cannot fathom how anyone can can put a number upon.
This was very interesting to me.
If someone were to look at a red truck and tell me that it is blue, I would have to say that it is in fact red. Its just my drive for intellectual honesty. Its my personality and I am far from alone here. When they look at me like I am the devil himself for saying such nonsense, I would feel obliged to defend it by providing proof, or logic. If they still dont believe me then they would have to respect me for having education in the subject. When it is loved ones who I seek respect from, remaining silent is not an option for me.
When it is loved ones who I seek respect from, remaining silent is not an option for me.

I feel the same way - I have a load of relatives that are either Southern Baptist or Italian Catholics and they all know where I am religion wise. I feel they respect me as I respect them - but not their religious beliefs.
Those that take exception to me personally for my non-belief - fuck 'em.




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