The one thing to say about God's non-existence... and a bonus rant about the size of the universe.

What is the one good question/point/statement that you tell people to defend your atheism?

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Where's the EVIDENCE? Not subjective feelings, not your personal epiphany or some vague sense which is no more measurable and less subject to confirmation than your dreams were last night, but rock-solid evidence that your god exists? Your holy book is a manufactured mess, the blathering of a multimillionaire preacher only tells me that he studied well at the P. T. Barnum School of Con Games, and the testimony of a thousand true believers means nothing without objective substantiation.

Show me PROOF ... or don't waste my time.
"Show me proof", amen brother.
If there was something that existed outside of statistical norms regarding religion, then there would be something there to ponder.
However, religious people fall within statistical norms. They die no fewer horrible deaths... and they live no more positive lives. They don't live longer... they don't have fortunate luck more than us... nothing, absolutely nothing about religion exists outside of statistical norms.

... and that tells me there's nothing looking out for them.

So either
1:There is no god.
2:It doesn't realise you exist.
3:It's simply ignoring you.

(And the last two would make god rather un-godly, wouldn't it?)
This is something we can definitely measure. Very good point.
I only wish I lived in the same perfect world as you.
We can all live in that perfect world if we don't let the theists define the debate. Logic is on our side, it is there responsibility to offer support for their belief. We have no obligation to defend disbelief.
But we must show them merit in our beliefs in reality or else 87% of the population does not really want to be our friends. And I personally like having friends. Logic is on our side and I am asking what logistics are in our arsenal?
Good point, it's a no win argument anyway.
Its more of a fear of loosing friends. Atheism is unheard of where I live and Im still new at free thinking. Im recovering from Christianity and still want to keep all my Christian friends but I dont like keeping secrets. I definitely dont want to argue, I know where that will get me. But if there were one bomb to make them say, "I never thought of that before", I would like to have it. I like the "who made God?" question or "Can God make a rock he cannot lift", or even funnier, "can God microwave a burrito so hot he cannot eat it?". Just wondering if there was a go-to statement or question that we have. Thanks for your input Duane!
I always like to point out that their loving God created Hell; a most vial and loathsome place, where even most of the so-called christians will end up going. Of course, if you use logic, one can deduct Hell doesn't exist.

God is worse than the worst person ever lived on Earth; which would not make him a good God. Why would a being of love want anyone to get tortured, even if they didn't believe he exists?

I suggest reading, 'Atheist Universe' by David Mills.
"I only wish I lived in the same perfect world as you. "

I don't live in a perfect world.I live in Australia.Mine is an irreverent country,with around 8% of the population admitting to regular church attendance.

My atheism has never been an issue, except with my late Catholic father,who was a total crunt about it. Solution;I rarely saw the old prick.

I never argue/debate religion with anyone.I will discuss beliefs with a few people I know, trust and whose opinions matter to me. (Forums don't count) I feel no obligation whatsoever to answer any question just because some one asks.That applies especially to proselytising dropkicks with a closed mind and an agenda rather than interest in discussion.

I do not suffer fools in real life or on forums,and make no apologies.However,this position is not for the faint hearted,as there can be unpleasant consequences,which one needs to be prepared to accept.

'As an atheist' I have no opinion on any subject other than the existence of god(s) and make no claims. I assert only "I do not believe". I do not care about the personal superstitions of others or if they accept my position.

"As a skeptic" I have an opinion on many subjects. I have expert knowledge on very few subjects.My opinions on most things are based on limited [or no] knowledge. I'm neither embarrassed nor threatened to say "I don't know". Ignorance is not a crime ,nor is willful ignorance, although perhaps it should be.
Being new to Atheism is a big change in my life, I have been studying up on the subject and am more prepared and confident if ever cornered. I understand that long time atheists have been conditioned and settled into a life of atheism, this is not me. I have friends who think of me as a Christian and I would like to come out of the closet. Embarrassment is far from the word I would use to defend my position, I am more embarrassed that I was ever affiliated with religion. I offer no apologies for it, I am actually proud to be in an elite group. To continue to live in the life you have built for yourself is easy, but to dramatically change your life that could effect your relationships with the ones you love as they believe you are Christian is a big step. Remaining silent is definitely not an option for me. Knowledge is power, and I have reached a point that I am confident to come out of the closet that knowledge has afforded me. No offense, I do appreciate the feedback but telling me nothing is not helping me. I hope not to offend, but I do speak my mind and if you have read the thread, I have already put in place, your same comments.




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