The one thing to say about God's non-existence... and a bonus rant about the size of the universe.

What is the one good question/point/statement that you tell people to defend your atheism?

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I'm not sure but one thing I always hear from believers after they have no ammunition left (obviously they have little to begin with) is this:

"I just have many personal experiences that confirm my beliefs"

I want to know where the hell are these religious experiences for the non religious? If we are not on the right path where is your god telling me I'm on the wrong path? Why does god only appear to believers? Seems extremely redundant and convenient to me!!!
"You say you have experienced God directly? Well, some people have experienced a pink elephant, but that probably doesn’t impress you."

I'm keeping that quote!
I know what you mean, ACDC was a religious experience for me lol
I have used that same analogy before. "That same rush you get from a concert could be mistaken as God entering your body". The mind is a powerful thing, this is why when we are nervous about an upcoming event we could get nauseous. Its your own brain doing these things, not God.
When I was in college I wolfed down a bunch of peyote buttons and I'm pretty sure I saw god (or a really big white dog) - that was right before I threw up those nasty tasting things.
I think some of the real fanatical theist have the same chemical circus in their brains when properly triggered but they don't throw up back into the real world..
As far as my atheism is concerned I never defend it if those I associate with take acception to it - then it's their fucking problem.
Hmmm, when I took peyote during a sweat lodge ceremony the stars got all wobbly and big and colorful.

Years later I saw a deep space photo from the Hubble telescope which was of early beginnings of the universe and thought, "Holy crap! That's what I saw! No wonder the shamans dig this stuff! You can see all the way back to the beginning of time!!! ... Or it's just altering your perception and making the stars look big and colorful and wobbly."

Either way, pretty cool shit.
Well Damn. You mean all my tax dollars WASTED on the hubble when when all we really had to do was scarf down some catus?
Later sessions with the buttons we threw them in a blender and reduced them to powder, put the powder in capsules and swallowed with lots of milk.
One night, under the influence, I painted a huge murel on the wall of a friends apartment - it was amazingly good even when viewed while straight. The landlord, Philistine that he was, saw no value in the monumently work. It's tough covering oil paint with latex paint.
Haha, I love these drug induced stories! Maybe you should have slipped him one before you showed it to him. Then he would have thought it was the best painting in the world.
I do not defend my atheism to anyone,ever. Period. To be fair,it rarely comes up in Australia.

I assert only "I do not believe", I make no claims. I have no need to explain or defend anything. (IR I have no burden of proof) It is the believer who must prove his position.Trying to move the burden of proof is a typical apologist trick. Don't fall for it.

UNLESS::"as an antheist" you are arrogant enough or dumb enough to assert: "I BELIEVE or KNOW there is no God" or simply"there IS not God" In that case you have taken on the burden of proof and cannot win.--both pro and contra positions are unprovable and unfaslifiable. Another reason not to argue with apologists. :0)

"As an atheist" I very occasionally say "I do not believe due to lack of evidence. Do you have any? No? Then get out of my face."

I've also found it's a waste of time trying to argue with an apologist,especially an idiot creationist. Not only are they incapable of independent thought,they have absolutely no interest in anything I have to say.Their agenda is to change my mind.

Not a militant atheist, I rooly,trooly do not give a flying flunngle about the personal superstitions of others,as long as they stay out of my face.--I DO resent the hell out of their interference in politics and the tax exempt status of religions,but they are separate issues.
So you are an atheist but claim to be agnostic. This could keep me out of the frying pan, but I would be lying. I am an atheist. Logic tells us that there is no God. But I do see your point, it keeps them in the need to support their claims.
Amen to that! Pun intended.




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