There are a lot of people - including most of my family and many others, who I will call polite company or liberals - who are very into political correctness. They have a list of topics you can't refer to when you talk or write to them. Without trying to be more specific for now, off limits topics are related to man-woman relationships, politics, religion. A lot of Liberals think they are smarter or more moral or better than everybody else, due to their political correctness or mannerisms or tactness, and so on, or at least they think they are beter than non-liberals. But actually, they confuse morality with political correctness. They mainly just care about following their views of social standards. They are typically unwilling or unable to rationally think about whether the standards they follow are helpful or harmful. This explains why liberals think they have to vote for the candidates who will allow so many muslums into this country, even though the islamic religion stands for everything the liberals think the liberals hate.

I know that many muslums are well behaved and certain percentage of muslums take the Koran seriously and they are dangerous: muslims conducted a mass shooting in San Bernadino, a mass stabbing attack in a mall in Minnesota, the Boston marathon bombing, the shooting at a nightclub in orlando, and thousands of attacks around the world that you never heard about. Yes, I know it not politically correct to point this out. The democrat party is too weak on national security. Do you think very religious people like or dislike atheists?

I don't care that Donald Trump referred to the wrong topics and offended the hell out of you or the liberal media. I don't care what he did to women, which is probably all just a bunch of lies the liberal media and their collaborators are trotting out at the last minute, as a desperate attempt to make you think you have to vote for the democrat candidate, and to distract you from the real issues and to distract you from all the bad, immoral stuff the other candidate (Hillary) did.

And about the presidential candidates, all the liberals ever say, is how Donald Trump is supposed to be the most gross, gouche, offensive, unqualified candidate in history, yet they have little or nothing good to say about the other candidate.

Without writing one word about Donald Trump or the Republicans, can you think of at least one good thing Hillary has done, in her time as a senator or as Secretary of state, that shows that she would be a good president?

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I will sooner pound my head against a brick wall, Michael.

BTW, what people don't talk about will be used to control them.

Sorry but I have to do this. It's an unfair question. Let's just switch the names and ask it again and let you provide the answers for the other party. Can you do that? There is nothing political to name. The man is not a politician. He has done nothing but shoot off his big mouth.

Now as for Hillary she did her job as a senator, was for or against certain bills, etc. As Secretary of State she also did her job, had no power or authority to tell the military to "stand down" in Beghazi, and never did so. She also had the same type e-mail server as Colin Powell but was caught up in this e-mail thing as the system was making a change and politically it suited her opponents. No great accomplishments but she did her job.

I repeat again, the other person is not a politician and has no achievements in that field.

Donald Trump built buildings and casinos and resorts, ran a business empire, was on television, and so on. Hillary has never provided a product or service that anybody wanted or needed. She made speaches to executives of big banks, if you want to call her speaches a service. She was paid About 240,000 or more per speach, and in return she was supposed to do them cetain favors. She puts a lot of her earnings into the Clinton family foundation, so that she can avoid paying taxes on it. Donald Trump does not have a foundation he puts money in to avoid paying taxes. I can't find any evidence that Hillary did a good job as senator or as secretary of state. We need something positive and specific to say about her, not just that she "did her job as senator", not just that she "didn't tell the military to stand down" at Bengazi, not just that she didn't do the bad stuff she is suspected of doing. To me, "No great accomplishment" = not qualified. Just "doing a job" isn't good enough. Anybody else, democrat or republican, who discussed classified information with the wrong people, is wrong too.
Yes, Donald Trump is skipping to the Presidency without having held a lower political position. So what? Did you hear nay part of his speaches of just the soundbites thenliberal media let you hear?

Hillary is a crook, but the FBI director didn't want to indite her, for political reasons, in order to avoid being responsible for taking out one of the candidates. In addition, if Hillary had been disqualified or sent to prison, Bernard Sanders is likely to have been the democratic nominee, which would have been even worse of a disaster for us, if the democrat establishment would even allow such a situation, because he is too socialist, and do you know what happened in the Soviet Union under socialism/ communism?

I'll post this one time and will not be on your blog any longer unless I get verifiable answers.

Explain to all of us please how Hillary is a crook. What did she do to make her a crook specifically? How would this alleged act involve the FBI that you now say would have indicted her for the act but are afraid to do so?

I might also ask what was wrong with Bernie Sanders and why do you think that Soviet style "socialism/communism" has anything to do with Sanders. I'm not impressed by right wing bullshit and I draw "socialist security" and so does a lot of the Republicans that are making all the noise. So, just what is the problem?

Looks to me like it is an orange troll that wants his way so badly that he seems to be dividing the people and inciting to riot. I have never seen an intelligent candidate do such a thing.

Calm down. Everything has an explanation.

James Comey, director of the FBI, was interrogated in a public hearing that was partly broadcast on the radio. He admitted that Hillary's judgment was wrong (I forgot the details) but then he claimed that a "reasonable" person would not find her criminally responsible... He or somebody else also emphasized that a normal person would be in federal prison for doing the same thing. Hillary saw classified information and then discussed all or parts of what she saw, with people who should not know this stuff.

Social Security is not enough to live well on.

The economic situation is currently somewhere between pure capitalism and full socialism. Why Socialism should not exist may take more than a paragraph to explain. Look for a book called "The wealth of Nations", by Adam Smith, look up:

classical Liberalism
gold standard
the austrian school of economics

Look up how capitalism is supposed to work.

In general, the less taxes corporations have to pay, the more money they spend on employees, the less unemployment, the less people depend on the government, the greater the number of people who spend money on products and services, the better the economy functions. The less income and sales taxes, the more people like me spend on products and services, the better the economy functions, the more money businesses earn, the less people depend on the government, and so on. Republican's typically want smaller government and less taxes.

You asked, "just what is the problem)?"

Mostly taxes and national security. Perhaps Preventing a war with Russia, rioting, and criminals from coming into the country. Liberal bias and brainwashing in higher education. Police misconduct. Police sometimes not being allowed to do the job well. Possible reverse prejudice against white people and non-minorities. That's my judgment based on conservative radio programs.

There are probably no answers that are verifible to you because we don't share the same politics or judgments. It doesn't mean one of us is better or smarter than the other.

He admitted that Hillary's judgment was wrong (I forgot the details) but then he claimed that a "reasonable" person would not find her criminally responsible... He or somebody else also emphasized that a normal person would be in federal prison for doing the same thing.

Michael, that is as contradictory as hell and it amounts to hearsay.

James Comey was contradictory and there is nothing we can do about it and we can't trust him or the media to be honest about what Hillary did. I would prefer to assume that Hillary is a crook. Liberals hear the same evidence but they would prefer to keep quiet about her and just bash Donald Trump. Donald Trump has not been in politics, so he has nothing to do with the government corruption, so I would prefer to give him a chance, and I vote for Republicans in general because I want less government and less taxes. And remember the muslum immigration thing I put in the begining of the whole post.

You would prefer to assume that Hillary is a crook. Is there anything else that you assume? Is an assumption evidence of anything?

As for "bashing Trump" all we do is repeat what he himself says. He seems to bash himself and make claims that incite people to riot. Would any of this make him responsible?

I doubt it and I'm done. Let others reply if they will.

You may never vote for a Republican and its likely that I won't switch sides and vote for a democrat. At least try to be open minded and find other sources of information. Listen to Rush Limbaugh's radio program for a week - he never discussed god or religion.

I'm going to explain something to you, but you won't get it.

I've been there. I have voted Republican and used to be a member of the party, I used to listen to Rush, and I'm currently a card carrying member of the Libertarian party. I've been around the block in 70 years so what am I going to learn? What would possibly make me vote for your orange troll? How (and why) would I "go back" to something that I have already come out of?

I was once a Reagan Republican and I also did some work with Robert B. DePugh, both now long dead. I've been around the political block. You don't get more right wing than Bob.

Some immigrants to this country are criminals. A Republican president would be better at vetting immigrants. In general, Republican politicians are better at national security. Democrats are afraid to admit Islamic terrorism exist. The most hard core religious muslims hate atheists as much or more than Christians and Jews.

Republicans are most likely to vote no on proposals involving spending and taxes. I want taxes to be lower.

Hillary has been in in politics for at least 30 years and I haven't heard one especially great thing she has done in her time as senator or secretary of state, which shows that she would be a good president. The liberal media only knows how to bash the Republican candidates.




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